Company: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Phones ring out, mails are send, friends get together to discuss about the questions that were asked in the last evenings placement rounds that went in one’s college. The eve of a placement session in a college is marked by frantic and desperate attempt at laying the hands on placement papers of the said company that is touted to visit the campus.

Before going for a walk-in session in a company, students feel that their preparations from a placement paper of the previous years, is a ticket to their making through the company, which they had been eyeing since long. Even, the seniors who have got through these companies in the early days suggest that these are a means to the end of the road that leads to the success in recruitments.

One thing, even the seniors also miss out on, is to advice their younger brothers and sisters about the importance of making it big on one’s own strength. Placement papers are important for cracking the written exams that the companies conduct for the screening of job aspirants. There are so many students nowadays appearing for a particular job, that the screening is a must. Then onwards, the interview rounds are held to select the final few who would actually get to serve in the company’s payroll. It is to this point that the placement papers can propel the students and the fresh graduates.

Going through the question papers of previous placements can give a fair idea as to the types of questions that are probably asked in the said companies. For the benefit of the students and the new graduates, the questions are also loaded in various websites across the World Wide Web. After the questions are all set and solved, the aspirants are on their own to fend for themselves. And they are to fend on their own strengths and weaknesses.

The rounds of interviews are conducted by people who are well equipped and experienced enough to gauge the standard of the positives and negatives of an individual who has just passed out and is eager for a lucrative job. Students should understand the value of such interviews. These are conducted to test the qualities in a candidate that the company is searching for.

Managerial skills, leadership qualities, working as a team member, and achieving deadlines are something that is looked at, through the interview. Every student who appears in the interview is having the same qualification as any other. Some questions are asked in the interview that shows that the student who is to be selected must have something extra, a slight edge over the others. Multitasking is a quality that is much sought after. Ability to understand the importance of time limits and taking responsibilities are traits that can put the job in the kitty.

Being oneself is the key to impress the interviewers. As an interviewee it is important that a sense of confidence is being projected. No one would want to recruit a person who is not even sure about what he is thinking or is saying. Personal traits are things that can work in extreme favor of a candidate. The placement papers are the bridge which can lead to the interview but success is just about showing the strengths in the brightest manner.