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Today i had given hexaware tech on-campus test from v.j.t.i mumbai
it was same pattern as the previous paper the verbal and quant part was repeated.

Some from synonyms were
6. lighten

Some from odd man out were
1.file edit view insert explore ans: explore
2 for switch …printf
3.stack queue tree array….

Computer Awareness
1.SIM fullform
2.beta testing
3.CMM full form
4.OLE object linking and embedding(not sure)
6.storage program was invented by….
9.density of mercury
10.ph value of water the coding was same as the previous paper.
1 if((2a+b)<100)…… 5 ques were given with different values of a and b.
2. int a=4 sqrt(a); printf(“%d”,a); 1.2.0 2. 2 3. 4.0 4. 4
ans :2 3 int x=2 {x=x+2} printf(“%d”,x);

Aptitude Test Most of the questions were repeated from previous papers i am giving only those which r not repeated

1. if x is an integer x^2-x-1 is options ..always odd

2.a number is given and find the missing digits in that no if it is divisible by 75.

3.if a number is increased by 10% then which of the following will not have the value ans:7.5(check it).

4.if 3/10 of x is y is 10 what is the value of x.(something like that)

5. two questions on diameter of a rectangle is 4 mts and the angle b/w diameter and side is 30 degrees find the area and perimeter.

6.product of two numbers is 900. The sum of two numbers is 30 greater than te difference of two numbers.
Ans 60.

7.a+2b=14 5a+4b=16 what is the average of a and b
ans a:-4 b:9 avg:2.5

8.mean of a data set and the standard deviation of that data set is given.u have to find out 1.5 times S.D that of the given mean

9.anand is ten years older than ram.after 5 years anand is twice than the age of ram. find anand’s age after 3 years

10.find the total no of palindromes between 100 and 1000

11.if 0<x<1 then=”” arrange=”” in=”” ascending=”” order=”” x^2,sqrtx,x=””

12.if=”” x=”” is=”” the=”” set=”” of=”” prime=”” numbers=”” less=”” than=”” 6=”” and=”” y=”” odd=”” .=”” if=”” from=”” total=”” no=”” combinations=”” x*y=”” are=”” ..=””
ans=”” :9=””

13.ques=”” on=”” probability=”” a=”” dice=”” thrown=”” three=”” times=”” what=”” not=”” getting=”” face=”” dice.=””

14.how=”” many=”” four=”” digit=”” can=”” be=”” written=”” all=”” digits=”” even.=”” <=”” p=””></x<1>

Hexaware Placement Papers

About Hexaware

Hexaware is a fast-growing automation-led next-generation service provider delivering excellence in IT, BPO and Consulting services. We are driven by a combination of robust strategies, passionate teams and a global culture rooted in innovation and automation. Hexaware’s Digital offerings have helped clients achieve operational excellence and customer delight. Our focus lies on taking a leadership position in helping clients attain customer intimacy as their competitive advantage. We are now on a journey of metamorphosing the experiences of the customer’s customers by leveraging our industry-leading delivery and execution model, built around the strategy— ‘Automate Everything™, Cloudify Everything™, Transform Customer Experiences™”. Powering Hexaware’s complex technology solutions and services, is the Bottom-Up Disruption, a disruptive crowdsourcing initiative that brings about innovation and improvement, to everyday complexities and, ultimately, growing the clients’ business. The digitally empowered workforce of Hexaware represents various nationalities, comprising 19,833 employees, lives the company’s philosophy of ‘customer success, first and always’. The company reported 2020 global revenue of USD $845.04 Mn…visit offical website of HEXAWARE TECHNOLOGIES for more details..

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