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Hexaware Technologies

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Hi friends
iam Sirisha,doing my final year in Regency Institute of technology and my stream is computer science.
i hailed from yanam.i attended off campus conducted by HEXAWARE in pragati engg college near kakinada on 17 and 18 of october and i got selected.
i wanna say u the selection procedure ,first they hve conducted the apptitide test consists of 100 questions and we hve to answer it in 60min.no negative marking.the pattern of the paper follows:
25 Verbal :
5 synonym
5 antonyms
5 blanks(choose the correct word according to situation)
5 –>identify the misspelt word
25 apptitude questions(date,shares,mixtures,age,proportion………..)
50 technical(separate for each branch mostly OS,DBMS,Automata…..for cse&it)
they hven’t mentioned the cutoff

HR was so cool,firstly they made us aware wht we hve to focus on and wht they expect)
they told not to say crap,they intimated to talk lofically.our batch consists of 12 and they hve seledcted 2 including me.
HR suggested the topics like –>IS RED GOOD OR BLUE,JUMP.
as some of our batchmates are not familiar we hve gone with LOVE MARRIAGE VS ARRANGED MARRIAGE.
they gave nearly 12 min and in the meanwhile hr told to exchange our roles
i grabbed in introducing and concluding the topic.i interrupted 3 ,4 times.ought to interrupt more than twice
next round is TECHNICAL/HR .it is held on 18 oct(the next day) and they intimated me to attend at
9:30AM,but i got chance at 5PM.
Firstly they asked me about my self,then my short term and long term goals,why should i hire you.
then they popped qs on my favourite subject,they asked me to write a C program calculating my avg till 6th sem and printing min and max.
then they asked me about my paper presentation which i placed it in my resume ,nearly at 9:30 pm they intimated the results and i got selected. out of 624 members they were 150 from apptitude and in the gd 58 at last 23 of us r part of the organization Hexaware.
It just depends on our communication skills and also a little of technical and our confidence plays a major role here.Go with positive attitude and get selected. ALL THE BEST.

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