Hexaware Technologies
Hexaware Technologies

Company: Hexaware Technologies

hi hexaware aspirants,

i have attended hexaware recently. i would like to give my experience, which would help some of u.
selection process involves 3 rounds,
3. technical/hr interview.

1.apptiude section had 100 quetions to answer in 1hr. there were separate quetions for I.T &NON I.T students. Iam an non i.t student. there were 5 synonyms, 5 antonyms, 5 fill in the blanks,5 similar words, same as synonyms(from word power made easy, s).30 general apptitude ques, which covered work, time &speed,area, volume of cube and other polygons, boat, pipes&cisterns,many ques are from probability.next 50 ques are pure technical, it coverd basics of electrical,electronics, microprocessor(5 to 7 ques).many ques are related to thevenin theorem,superposition theorem, rms values. dont worry much about technical section, everything is just basics, just go thro basic concepts, thats enough. no circuits were given to solve.

2. there was only one representative from hexaware, it was an one man show. he conducted apti, g.d,interview. he filered many of them in g.d. he took around 3 or 4 from a group of 12 members. my advice to g.d is to give innovotive ideas, and talk more.thats enough.

3. interview was normal technical interview.

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