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Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies Placement Paper

Company: Hexaware Technologies

HEXAWARE Tech, Chennai.on 8 & 9 Nov 2006.
Test pattern is of three rounds

* written test
* G.D
* Tech/HR interview

Written is not easy and as well as not difficult. 100 questions are given n u have 2 ans in 1 hr. The written test question paper is different for IT n NON IT
students. I, being non it student, I can advice for non it students. Other 2 rounds are same n out of branch.
Written test consists of three categories.

In this section u have again four parts, spelling correction, paragraph forming, synonyms and antonyms.


these r only examples but u will get the hard ones than u prepare. the second one is paragraph forming.

In this part u will given first n last sentences n choice for middle four sentences. i.e options r in jumbled form u have to choose the right jumble. Be thorough it’s easy.

The other parts are synonyms and antonyms. These are highly difficult some words u may not heard atleast once in ur lifetime. U have to choose the best word from the options given.

* BRAKE etc..

2) GENERAL APTITUDE. this have the simple aptitude problems.
>>problem on percentages
>>problem on profit&loss
>>problem on discounts
>>problem on time & distance
>>problem on time n work
>>problem on numbers
for us no series are oddman out were given but u be through with them.

3)Technical: This is the hot point of the test paper such thet all ur intermediate and B.tech talent have to be used here.
>>If a chip having 8 bit address line what’s it meomory? (simple 2^8= 4KB)
>>what is the alternative equipment for ac voltage controller(TRIAC)
>>Some problems on control systems such as find the poles n zeros for given T.F (s+2)s/(s-2)(s^2+7)+25
>>Basics of electrical Engg i.e electric machines and power systems
>>Basics of electronics i.e DSP,EDC and micro processors.

After completion of written test u have most easy, dangerous and best eliminating round G.D. They allot 12 members for each gooup. Topic may give themselves r they ask u to chose the topic for ur self. It’s depend on ur Observer. If they issue the topic, its well n good. Else u chose the topic in the current affairs.
The best for G.D are
Avoiding copy in educational institutions
Global warming
Need for MBA
Love marriage n arranged marriage
Effect of movies on youth
Don’t miss the chance to initialize the topic. Don’t watch the observer there is a chane to get him as your interviewer. so be cool and talk effectively whatever the points u have. Be a best listener. Advice the members who riddle to talk and give a chance to them. This shows your leadership qualities and going with team.

Hexaware Technologies Placement Paper

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