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HFCL Placement Paper

Company: Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd (HFCL)

(1) TTL to CMOS pullup & vice-versa

(2) function of Ping

(3) SNMP protocol

(4) Application layer

(5) ## —-> token pasting in C

(6) Question on C: i^=j you have to tell the output given the values of i and j;

(7) Complexity of Binary Search tree

(8) Macro is given as follows : SQR(x) x*x
find the value of SQR(i-j) , when i and j were given

(9) Multiplexer 1 to 3 inputs— A,B,C control lines— S1,S2 Output — Y .Write Y interms of S1,S2

(10) Bandwidth minimum sampling theorem

(11) Shannon,s Law

(12) Difference between fork() & execve()

(13) Banker,s algorithm

(14) append(&struct , fp)

(15) Windows95 , X-Windows what are they?

(16) 16k memory , ending address of the address space FFFFH find the starting address?

(17) Difference between TCP/IP and OSI model

(18) Difference between Bridge and router

(19) A graph was given : ” a qudrilateral with 1 diagonal ” find the number of trees in the graph

(20) Difference between TCP and UDP

(21-23) Pass by reference in C (3 questions)

(24) Synchronisation technique for IPC ( probably which method among the 4 choices was best was asked)

(25) Address of RST 6.5

(26) Preorder Traversal

(27) Infix to Postfix

(28) What data structure is used to transform infix to postfix?

(29) 4 bit computer , size of ROM given , output of ROM gives the address , design a mod-n counter

(30-31) FIFO , LRU page trace

(32) How many flip-flops in MOD-33 counter?

(33) printf(“nabbcdref”);

(34) doorom hello test
find argc and argv

(35) call main()

what does this piece of code does?

(36-39) 4 question from Understanding Pointers in C on Pointer , Array , all from exercise in the book

(40-41) 2 questions on precedence rule


(1) ICMP protocol which layer?

(2) Ping – which protocol implemented?

(3) FTP – which protocol implemented?

(4) What kind of handshaking is used in TCP/IP?

(5) IP addressing ClassA , ClassB , ClassC

(6) End to end error correction is done by which layer ?

(7) Question on address bus and data bus ALE

(8) 16 bit address bus and 8 bit data bus , how much memory can be interfaced ?

(9) 1 bit opcode , (n-1) operand , find the length of Program Counter

(10) 4 bit ROM

(11) What is the benefit of memory interleaving ?

(12) How many maskable and non-maskable interrupt in 8085

(13) RISC what kind of Control Unit is implemented ?

(14) In Pipeline architechture , what is the value of CPI (Cycles Per Instruction)

(15) Where TLB is used?


struct a
char b[7];
char *s;
struct b
char *t;
struct a y;
struct b q={“Raipur” , “Kanpur” , “Jaipur”};
printf(“%s %s” , q.t , q.y.s);
printf(“%s %s” ,++q.t , ++q.y.s);
Find the ouput

(17) Heapsort worst case complexity

(18) Binary search complexity

(19) Where far pointer is used?

(20) Why address of operator(&) cannot be used on register variables?

HFCL Placement Paper

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HFCL Limited is a publicly listed telecom company incorporated in India. It has been in operation since 1987 and is into various segments of manufacturing, R&D and turnkey solutions. visit offical website of HFCL for more details.

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