Company: Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab

Honeywell Campus PLACEMENT PAPERS Test
1. Aptitude:
Questions from Simple train pbms,age,ratio, proportion,Profit ,loss,Time & work,Time & Distance,Pipe &
Cisterns,Shaded aream,Volume ( cylinder ,cone ..),Reasoning,2 sections a part with 4 questions b part with 6 questions
There must 4 domocrats & 3 republicans out of the 12 professors.No of X professors are A,B,C,D. No of Y professors are E,F,G,H,I.If A comes f & G r absent so on.
2. Technical(Computer Science)
OS,cache access time -100ns,Primary memory access time -1000ns,…then some data & condition, find the actual access time.,microprocessor ( lot of questions ) 8085 no of16 bit registers.,8086 Instruction queue byte length?,8088 Instruction queue byte length?,6800 what is it?8085 pgms…,port no calculationsData StructuresWhich Data Structures to use for infix to prefix conversion,Worst case complexity for quick sort,preorder traversal Binary tree …

1. int *data[10];whatdoes the variable data denotes?

2. {
int a[]={10,20,30,40,50};



fun(int *p)

{ for(int i=1;i