Company: Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab

Test Location : Osmania University,Hyderabad

Hi every one,My name is Ashok M pursuing B.E.(CSE) final year iin M.V.S.R. Engineering College,Nadergul,HYD.I have attended the Honeywell placement at Osmania University.
The pattern is as follows:
1)Written Test (Technical & Aptitude papers) it is descriptive type The Technical Paper is as follows: duration 1HR there are 4 questions
1)Find string palindrome 10marks
2)Write a C function to search a number in the given list of numbers .donot use printf and scanf 10marks
3)What is the difference between delete,drop,truncate? 2marks
4)what is out put of the following code? 3marks
class Base
cout<<"constructor base"; } ~Base() { cout<<"destructor base"; } } class Derived:public Base { Derived() { cout<<"constructor derived"; } ~Derived() { cout<<"destructor derived"; } } void main() { Base *var=new Derived(); delete var; } The Aptitude Paper is follows :1HR duration 1)There are 4 women to cross bridge and Flashlight.One or two women can cross the bridge with the flash light at a time.those have different walking speeds.The pair must walk at the rate of slower pace woman1:1 minutes woman2:2 minutes woman3:5 minutes woman4:10 minutes Then what is the minimum required time to cross the bridgeall the 4 women without throwing flashlight? 6MARKS 2)There are cats got together to decide killing the mice of 999919,each cat kills equal no.of mice and each cat kills more no.of mice than cats there were.Then what are the number of cats? 4MARKS 3)the tree grows first day 1/2 of its original size,grows 1/3 of its prevous day size,and grows 1/4 and so on.How many days it will take to grow 100 times to the original size of tree? 4MARKS 4)There is one 40 kg weight stone.How many weights are there such that it can measure any weight between 1 to 40 kg? 7Marks 5)There is one monkey climbs 3fts and slipsdown 2fts of a tree in 1 hour.Ho much time it will take to reach the top of the tree of 20fts height? 4 MARKS II Techincal Interview III Technical Interview IV HR