Honeywell Technical Paper2

Company: Honeywell

1)Written Test (objective)
There are two different question papers
1. Electronics stream
2. Computer stream Some of the questions are:

1. Open addressing and chaining are the methods used for
a) sorting
b) searching
c) conflict- resolution
d) none

2. Arrange the following in the increasing order of space complexity
a) Merge sort, quick sort, heap sort
b) quick sort, merge sort, heap sort
c) heap sort, quick sort, merge sort

3. Given a tree and asked the preorder traversal

4. Given a graph and asked the BFS for it

5. If a table is in 3NF, it is also in
a) 2NF
c) both
d) none

6. definition of view

7. In DBMS data is recovered from a crash immediately by using
a) storing one copy in another disc
b) catalog
c) checkpointing

8. one more question on normal forms i.e., about transitive dependencies

9. which is the first general purpose microprocessor developed by Intel
a) 4004
b) 8080
c) 2002

10. which of the following flag is not set for JUMP instruction
a) carry flag
b) auxillary carry flag
c) zero flag
d) parity flag

11.Which of the following is an IPV6 address

12. what is the minimum and maximum size of TCP header
a) 10 bytes
b) 20 – 60 bytes
c) 20- 50 bytes

13. If a number of computers are connected to a central hub then it is called
a) star topology
b) bus topology
c) ring topology

14. which protocol is used to transfer data using TCP for a serial or parallel port
a) ppp
b) IPX
c) TCP with Net BEUI

15. which of the following is a non preemptive scheduling
b) round robin
c) shortest job first

16. which of the following is not a synchronization tool.
a) semaphores
b) mutex
c) shared memory
d) all

17. Unix uses _________ scheduling
a) round robin
b) priority scheduling

18. In which layer the conversion of data structures of the data transferring into the format of host isdone in
a) application layer
b) transport layer
c) presentation layer
d) data link layer

19. The correct order of data transfer when transferring data from magnetic disk to System is
a) magnetic diskà main memoryàcache memoryàregisters
b) magnetic diskà main memoryàregisters
c) magnetic diskà main memory/cache memoryàregisters

20. Given a binary number which is equivalent to a decimal number including a sign
a) 100
b) -100
c) 101

21. which of the following is not true about functions.
a) functions can call by itself
b) function may or may not return any value
c) function should be defined in the same order as they are declared before

22. If we declare a const variable as static, then its _________ changes
a) life
b) scope
c) initial default value
d) storage

23. What is the o/p
f(x,y) x=x+y;y=x-y;x=x-y;
int a=10,b=5;f(a,b);
printf(“ The values of a and b are, %d, %d”,a,b);
a) 10 5
b) 5 10
c) 5 5
d) 10 10

24. main(){void *ptr;int i=1;ptr=&i;ptr++;}
void *ptr;int i=1;ptr=&i;ptr++;
a) the size of ptr incremented by 1 byte
b) the size of ptr incremented by 2 bytes
c) the size of ptr incremented by 4 bytes
d) none

I remember these questions only. Remaining are mainly c programs.Around 350 members attended inmain campus . Around 80 cleared this round(computers +electronics)

2)Written Test-2
(Descriptive- aptitude+technical) Next round is again written test consists of 7 aptitude questions and 10 technical questions(all cprograms). This test is common for all. The aptitude questions are

1)There are 4 women to cross bridge and Flashlight.One or two women can cross the bridge with theflash light at a time.those have different walking speeds.The pair must walk at the rate of slower pacewoman1:1 minuteswoman2:2 minuteswoman3:5 minuteswoman4:10 minutesThen what is the minimum required time to cross the bridge by all the 4 women without throwingflashlight?Ans) 19 min First woman1 and 2 will go to other end in 2 min (at the slower pace of woman2)à 2m Woman 1 will come back -à1min Woman 1 and 3 will go–à 5min Woman 1 will come backà1min Woman 1 and 4 will goà10min Total=2+1+5+1+10=19

2)There are cats got together to decide killing the mice of 999919,each cat kills equal no. of mice andeach cat kills more no.of mice than cats there were.Then what are the number ofcats?

3)the tree grows first day 1/2 of its original size,grows 1/3 of its previous day size, and grows 1/4 andso on. How many days it will take to grow 100 times to the original size of tree?
Ans) 150 days

4)There is one 40 kg weight stone. How many weights should I break from this 40 kg so that it canmeasure any weight between 1kg to 40 kg?

5)There is one monkey climbs 3fts and slips down 2fts of a tree in 1 hour. How much time it will taketo reach the top of the tree of 20fts height?
Ans) 18 hours

6) A ball is released from a height of 100 mts. After falling on the ground it raises to a height of half ofthe previous height and the process repeats until it comes to rest. What is the total distance traveled bythe ball throughout the journey.

7) Complete the series 31 62 __ 25 65 __ 19Totally (both campuses) around 50 (cs+ec) members cleared this round. Technical Questions

1) Write a C function to search a number in the given list of numbers .donot use printf and scanf.

2) main()
int a=10,b=7,c=15,z; z=?;
printf(“Biggest number is %d”, z);
Write the expression for z to print the biggest of three numbers using conditional operator. Ans) z=((a>b)&&(a>c)) ? a : (((b>a)&&(b>c))?b:c)

3) if
( condition)
printf(“ World”);
What should be the condition to display the output as “hello world”.

4) what is the output of the following program
int cnt,i=7; cnt/=i;
Remaining questions are on pointers i.e., what is the Output of the Program

Honeywell Technical Paper2

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