HP Hewlett Packard Placement Paper

Company: HP Hewlett Packard

Here was one puzzle like there are 6 members in a family n they are teacher, student, engineer, lawyer, docter and housewife.
2 is mother of 3 who is a teacher
4 is Grand mother of 3 that is a house wife.
3 is sister of 1
6 is father of 1 that is doctor
and 5 is lawyer father of 6

Q1- who is student
Q2- who is engineer.
Q3- who is a girl in the family.
Q4 – sum of the no between 1 to 100 divisible by 2 and 5.
ans 550
Q5 – some question were from english series as which will be next
ADEHI …. and is LM
Q6- some were from probability.
as 2 dice are thrown and probabily of coming some more than 8.
some question were from reasoning….

and in last there was technical question from DS, VB and .Net as
1 – the size of text box.
2 – the size of msg box
3- what operator used to compare two string
4- DIM i,j means … variant i,and variant j

Operating Systems
Study all the unix commands & some basic networking concepts like DHCP, Dynamic NAT, RARP, ARP, UDP, DNS. Unix : Grep, sed, basic perl program whose o/p is to be predicted. Pipes. You can expect some nasty & tricky questions !. But this section is kool not to worry too much

Section 2 : Programming part
C programs & Java programs. The programs seems to be easy but bcoz of the Negative marking (0.5) we have to be very clear. No bluffing ok! The programs are easy. Programs were on Fork, PID, Basic C syntax, Basics of Java, Exception handling, Inheritance, Strings, Cast conversion, Object linking etc

Section 3 : Aptitude
Most of the questions can be found from other placement papers like Sonata, TCS, Caritor. Nothing to worry much. But again you have to be very confident about the answers.

HP Hewlett Packard Placement Paper

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