Company: HP Hewlett Packard

HP has 3 rounds
1.Preliminary-consists of 4 sections namely english,reasoning,aptitude and comprehension.

English-just preliminary consisting of articles,jumbled up sentences, antonyms & synonyms etc.

Reasoning-this is the part which most students found to be the tough eventhough half of the questions were very easy.
I will specify the ones which were tough-venn diagram puzzles,the type of problems were one has to decide if the person is to be selected, rejected or referred (refer R.S.aggarwal),clock puzzles, cube(which part is painted etc)

Aptitude-just prelimanariesvolving time & distance, binary numbers, clocks, simple but lenghy mathematical calculations.

Conprehension-Apassage from MIcroprocesor was given from which conclusion was to be drawn.It was a tough one.

2. Technical Interview-Just simple questions involving-C,C++,DBMS(must),SQL,
software engg,d.s.(I was asked from this fields).

3. HR-Lengthy(for me it was approximately 40 min) but quite cordial.Just general questions like family background,hobbies(write this properly in the biodata as many questions to from my biodata),last movie seen it’s story,last boog read and so on.

The major eliminating round was the prelimanary section.

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