Company: HP Hewlett Packard

80 Que 75 minutes

40 Que on cse subjects

They mainly concentrated on

OS(Important),FAFL,DBMS,SS,UNIX(only 2 que),c++,Network(Basic)

20 Que on c.

20 Que on Aptitude+English+Logical


For C,C++–> Test ur C,C++ skills by Yashvanth kanithakar
For Java–> any good book.
48Q totally
12Q in General computer test?(Concentrate more on ceo’s and founders of HP,Microsoft,intel,sap etc..)It even includes Q in OS,N/wing
12Q on C,
12Q on C++
12Q n java
All section r compulsory..(Even for Non java guys)

In the interview( ie ont he 2nd ropund..they will ask Q mostly in C,C++,Java.The employee who r asking the Q r very jovial.So develop ur confidence level.They mostly ask abt ur latest projects,

If u clear this will be HR round.
If u clear the second round mostly..u r selected(90%).
HR is just for a formality..

The interview pattern will be as:

1. Tell abt your self.
2. They will ask for the subjects in which we are strong
( Here they will consider the ranking that we written during written
examination & marks we got in written exam)
3. Mostly the interview time will be 45 minutes around (for only
people there is about 1.5 hr)
4. HR questions may include here
5. Good thing is They r friendly and cooperative so confidence place

If u don’t know the answer better not to answer than to tell some bad
For me 2 people interviewd. As I told them that I am strong in C
they told me to write some programs like double linked list, singly
linked list(adding node at last), macros, const *,char *,pointer

The main question that they asked was how can u compile or
execute ‘c’ program without editor. (Using TCC utility)

coming 2 cpp only 1 question i.e what is polymorphism.

Java they asked me about protocol used in JSP, which layer does it
belongs to, main differences between _Javascript ,java and JSP.

During personal introduction try to excell your capabilities by
giving examples like as fast learner, hard worker like..!

If u have any achievements & awards try 2 put them all during
personal INtroduction.

The interviewers are very co-operative and highly friendly (so
confidence plays vital role)

There are four sections in the test

1.general ability(12q) science(12q)
All the questions are mandatory. No negative marking

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