HP Hewlett Packard Placement Paper

Company: HP Hewlett Packard

Today we had HP company on campus to our college, GITAM.. they allowed CSE, IT, ECE, EIE, EEE, MCA, and M-TECH students… first we had ppt on morning section followed by written.

totally four rounds…
Written test
Group discussion
Technical round
Finally hr

In Written Test, there are two sections for both IT and non IT branches… aptitude and technical, there will be two sets

In APTITUDE, they asked totally 25 questions for 30 minutes….
some questions on venn diagrams (1,2,3,4) (little hard but can get it), one question on ratio and proportion, ages, (4-5) questions on Data Sufficiency, 5 questions on binary decimals(very easy), speed and time one question, one problem on series (it is hard better leave it if you cant do it, but dont waste time), directions-1 question(very easy), blood relation 1-question (very easy),,… i remember this much only…….

try to complete in given time. i dont know the cut-off….

Next is TECHNICAL, there are totally 30 questions in 40 minutes. I dont remember questions but for CSE and non CSE, the paper is different, dont worry, i am from EEE branch, and my paper was very easy,, its all C pointers, matrices in arrays, structures, errors type questions and from digital circuit design (using gates,,)etc
for CSE people they were asking many questions on all programming languages it seems C, C++, UNIX, DBMS, etc..
Nearly 300 attended written 100 were short listed for GD round….

our topic is : “SHOULD INDIANS ARE ALLOWED TO GO ABROARD”; i have spoken twice, I got a chance for less no. of times because i sat at corner… one more topic i got to know from my friends is “LIFE IN SPACE”. 38 were cleared in GD

all are very friendly with us
my round came, i entered the room,
good evening sir,
he saw all my education details, he asked me why i have scored less in tenth class, i said, sir i have started my studies from my tenth in a better way, he convinced with my answer….
be confident in what ever you say
he asked questions on C program (wap on factorial)
he asked for my favourite subject
I said electrical machines
he is basically from electronics so he could ask any questions from machines
then he asked questions from linear integrated circuits (LIC) and power electronics(SCR)
difference betweem diode and SCR
draw characteristics and diagram of both and difference between them……..
few questions data structures(linear linked lists,doubly linked list,stacks, queues);
thats my technical round got selected and waited for HR

good evening sir,
he introduced himself, he is also very friendly, cooperative with my answers
again same question… why is your tenth marks are so less
are you feeling nervous…… no sir, i smiled
he said i think you are always smiling
i said yes sir,
what is your father & mother occupation
your brother doing
one suitation question, if your principal was given Rs.50000/- for your computer lab commence.. what will you first….. and if four more members were also given the same job what will you do
if you selected and appointed in bangalore how will you manage your time when you have stay atleast 30 km far from office
have you visited Bangalore or Chennai any time,,,,
will you find any difficulty in staying outside
will your parents agree for this
do you want to ask any questions on HP or else any thing
can you tell my weakness that you found now.. he said i am weak in communication, and not focus on one particular area i.e. my thinking ability is not fixed
finally I was selected for HP……

So friends be cool and confident and make sure you were not seen as tensed way and dont show expressions to them so that they may catch you. out of 20 girls they selected 10 girls. i dont know the total selected number

HP Hewlett Packard Placement Paper

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