Huawei Technologies
Huawei Technologies

Company: Huawei Technologies

The huawei paper is real tough. huawei had come to my coll last week for placement.

the test is for 2.5 hours. there are 3 sections- apti, tech ‘n c. 60 qwes in apti..some fill in the spaces, some english..sentence correction, 1:1 correspondence..puzzles and quants too.
70 qwes in tech section..boolean logic, gates, microwave devices, ttl family, datastructures, control systems.. the C section was easy. 20 qwes.. i was shortlisted..but in the end..5 out of 6 compscis and 0 out of 5 ‘tronics were taken. the interview will be for 45-60 min..mainly on networking, datastructures, os..

heard they have walk-in for 15 people only everyday.

(Paper Submitted By : Santa Blue)

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