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Huge Papers(Most of them were from July 2000 ,some are from this year) Still I’m sending the questions the questions were as follows:
Section A consists of Network communications
Section A:

1.Flush of a bathroom is equivalent to which electronics circuit
(a) Capacitor
(b)Integrate and dump circuit
Ans: (a)

2. There were two questions on Unix programming. I don’t remember the program exactly. But the question were asked to find the o/p of the program and the error of the program.

3.In Internet Transport layer which is not a protocol

4.How many address bits are there in Ipv6?

5.There are 2protocols IP and IPX are running on top of Ethernet. Suppose a packet addressed to that Ethernet card arrives, to which protocol the Ethernet sends the packet?

1. It checks the payload of the frame and finds out the protocol type and dispatches it to the right protocol

2. It fins out the protocol type that is mentioned in the ethernet frame.

3. despatches to both the protocol

6.path testing

a. black box

b. white box(ans)

7.There were questions on ICV. I don’t remember the

questions actually

8. Normalisation

9.One question was from Avalanche diode

10.CSMA/CD is used in
a) token ring
d) ethernet
Ans : d

11. if even parity is used for parity generation, what is the hamming distance

12.the code set is {00000,00111,11100,11011} what is the error detecting and correcting capability?

13. IEEE 802.5 is

14. about deadlock condition

Section B:(Aptitude and reasoning most of them were mathematics based)

1.There were four guys and three girls in a park along with their dogs.Sangeeta is unmarried There are two couples.Rahul is Jaya’s husband. Neelam is Gourav’s sister.Others were Ravi and Shakti. Sangeeta doesn’t like sitting beside rahul. Jaya doesn’t like the dog so their dog was hold by her hubby. Ravi was not holdind any dog since his wife was holding it. Determine the sitting arrangement in the park.

2.A man spends 1/6th of his total life in child hoos, 1/7th as youth, 1/12th as bachelor, five years after marriage a son was born. the son died four years before his father, at an age of half of his father’s final age.ans: 84 days 3.Five persons A,B,C,D and E were traveling in a car. They were two ladies in the group. Of them who knew the car driving one was a lady. A is brother of D. B wife of D, drive at the beginning. E drive at the end.
1) Which of the following is a pair of brothers.
(Ans.: A, D)

2) Who was the other lady in the group.
(ans: C)

3) In the case of which the following pairs, no relationship can be established with one else in the group
(ans: C, E)

4) How was E related to A. 4.1,4,9,_,_,_,49,64.

5.One question was on the polynomials and their degree.I don’t actually remember the expression.

6.There were 4 more questions on the numbers series.Practice them from a good book.

7.Find the hypotaneous of a right angle isosceles triangle whose area is 50.
Ans. 10*(root 2)

8.(root 200) – (root 50) =?

9. Factorize y**2 + 8y – 48 =0

10.21, 463, 687, 238, 1134, —-

11.0, 6, 24, 120, 210, —, —-

12.There were two sums on probability.


14.Cost of article x,first discount is y% of cost, second discount is z% of cost . The price of x is x(1-y/100)(1-z/100)

Hughes Placement Paper

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