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Hughes Software systems

Company: Hughes Software systems


1.CSMA/Cd protocol used in Ans : Ethernet

2.Checksum in IP packet is Ans : Sum of the bits and 9’s complement of sum

3.Inselective repeat Max Seq is given find windowsize Ans : (15+1)/2 = 8

4.Main memory cache direct mapping Ans : 64

5.Address lines and data lines for 4K x 16 Ans : Addr 12, Data 16

6.Infix to postsize commession uses Ans : operator stack

7.Printing ofstatic variable Ans : 11

8.Ans : 1,2,3,4 ( Program is given
array[0] = 1;
array[1] = 2;
array[2] = 3
array[3] = 4
ptr = array[0]
*(arr+3) = *(++array ) + *(array-1)++))
There may me some mystique in writing the program. Check it out.
Answer is correct

9.One Question on Scheduling Preemptive

10.Which of the following is not memory model (1) buddy system (2) monitor (3) virtual … etc.

11.Hight balancing AVC time Ans : 3

12.Virtual to physical address mapping page table given

13.regular expression of identifier L(LUD)*

14.Simplification in boolean Algebra Ans : xz

15.Logical gate is given we have to find what is that Ans : NOR

16.Solution for Diriving philofphing Ans : d

17.The feature C++ have and c donot have Ans : Variables can be declared inside also.

18.Number of nodes with degree two in a binary tree of n leaves Ans : n-1

19.Solution for Diriving philofphing Ans : d

20.The question on RS232 (Use of sfart bit in Rs 232 protocal)

21.Floating point representation Ans : 2’s complement

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