Hughes Software systems
Hughes Software systems

Company: Hughes Software systems

The paper contains the two sections
Section 1 (20 ques) contains all the questions related to quant’s, simple mathematics, and
simple logical question. so asfar as theis section is concern u don’t need any extra book
only R.S Aggarwal is sufficient. Section 2(30 ques) coice b/t CS paper and Electronics paper.

1.nice(‘val’)? unix command

2.for(l=1;a<=l;a++) cout<<++a;cout<<a; output?=”” a.21=”” b.22=”” c.23=”” d.none=””

3.=”” nt=”” a[4]=”{1,2,3,4};” array=”” to=”” the=”” pointer?=”””” *a[4]=”””” (*a)[4]=””

4.=”” valid=”” system=”” prievlage=”” in=”” restricted=”” seesion?=”” a.=”” create=”” user=”” b.=”” session=”” c.=””

5.=”” emaphore?=”” shared=”” memory=”” b…….=””

6.=”” semaphore?=””

7.=”” which=”” is=”” used=”” store=”” hard=”” disk=”” sector=”” info=”” eerom=”” rom=”” c=”” .=”” ram=”” d.=”” cmos=””

8.=”” if=”” duplicate=”” segments=”” ,=”” file=”” are=”” there=”” hardisk=”” best=”” for=”” management=”” fat=”” san=”” raid(may=”” be)=”” d………..=””

9.=”” a=”” lan=”” with=”” 100mbps=”” wan=”” can=”” give=”” same=”” features?=”” atm=”” isdn=”” x.25=”” ….=””

10.=”” ipv6=”” has=”” how=”” many=”” bytes=”” its=”” address?=”” 8=”” 12=”” 16=””

11.=”” sliding=”” window=”” layer?=”” layer=”” transport=”” application=”” presentation=””

12.=”” when=”” interupt=”” occurs=”” cpu=”” what=”” happen?=””

13.=”” debug=”” trigger=”” (oracle)=””

14.=”” order=”” of=”” insertion=”” sort=”” and=”” heap=”” sort?=”” o(n**2),o(nlogn)=”” b………=””

15.=”” nextval=”” currentval=”” sequence=”” (oracle)?=””

16.=”” one=”” called=”” family=”” tree?=”” b+=”” binary=”” avl=””

17.=”” intel=”” 386=”” support=”” management?=”” paged=”” segmented=”” d……..=””

18.=”” complexity=”” access=”” name=”” from=”” given=”” double=”” link=”” list?=”” |a|–=””>|B|
| |<–| | a. O(n) b. O(n**2) c. O(nlogn)

19. question on virtual function and overloading? 20. question to find error in this C++ code. 21. used for parse trees? a. linked lists b….. 22. The question on RS232? </a;>

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