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i-flex solutions limited Placement Paper & Interview

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Hi!!!!!! I’m Sagnik, from Netaji Subhash Engg. College- Garia (KOLKATA)…First of all I want thank all the people who uploaded there
experiences in this website which has helped me a lot.

I attended the POOL campus recruitment process of I-FLEX, on 15th April 2007 in AOT (Academy of Technology, Adisaptogram) ………

We have our reporting time at 10:00 a.m. But alike any other pool campusings nothing went according to the schedule…
After 2 hours at 12:00 we were called in for the aptitude test. At last the test was started at 12:20 p.m….

Total 50 questions were there. ( +1 mark for each right answer and -0.25 for each wrong.) Duration was 1 hour……

The APTI paper consisted of 5 sections with 10 questions in each.








4 questions were from analogy and 6 were from reading comprehension. This section was tough. To answer this section completely one needs to
have depth in English. So, it was not my cup of teaJ… I attempted only 5. (Because –ve marking was there.)


2 tables were given on the basis of them 10 questions (5 for each) were there. They were tricky for sure but at the same time not to tough. I did
9 of them and was sure that they were going to fetch me 9 marks. So, this section gave me a extra bit of oxygen after that mess is the English
part. Practicing from R.S.Agarwal Quantitive Aptitude book helped me.


This part was easy and I correctly answered 10 of them…. For this part R.S.Agarwal Verbal-nonverbal book is enough…..

eg: (It is not the exact one but of same type)

Q. If the word CAPTAIN is coded like NCNVYKC then what is the code for OBSCURE?

Q. 1 7 8 9 6 4 5 6 3 2 7 3 92 99 4 66 36 33 5 664 737 20.

How many even numbers are immediately following another even number?

How many even nos. are immediately followed by 2 even nos.?


I didn’t even read the conclusion drawing questions because time was running out. I solved only 2 logical reasoning (2 small ones) and moved on
to the next section, as there was no sectional cut-off.


It was almost 1:10 p.m when I touched this section. I managed to solve only 5 before time ended. This part consisted of problems from
Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Profit-loss etc.

After that I took a calculated risk and in the last minute I marked almost 4-5 questions about which I was not so sure, thinking if luck helps me
then it will get me 4-5 marks. But it was too risky so, it will be better if you people don’t try it….. You don’t need to answer them all. Try to
answer at least 30-35 questions and believe me that’s enough. The cut-off generally stays around 25 depending on the level of compitition.

At around 4:30 our result was out….. Among total 3500+ candidates from 41 engg. colleges of West Bengal 178 was selected. And I was
lucky enough to be one of them. We were called in to fill-up the H.R form and attend the ppt. In the H.R form some topics were like:
1. Frank assessment of yourself.
2. Your achievements.
3. Long-term and short-term goals.
4. What do you seek from a job.

And a few more. After this form fill-up we had to wait long before the ppt atlast started at 7:45 p.m. I didn’t listen to anything because by then I
had no energy left in me. So, that’s all for 15th….

We had our technical & HR interviews on 18-04-07. After a long wait again, I was called in for the Technical round at around 2:00 p.m.


It was an easy going one. At first he asked me to introduce myself then to tell something about I-FLEX. I told him everything I’ve learned from
Internet about I-flex. He was impressed by my answers and asked me to solve 4 problems of quantitive aptitude. I was able to answer only the
first 3 as the last one was a problem on infinite G.P series and I’ve forgotten all those formulas. So, he gave me another one from A.P series and
said, “ It’s your last chance!!!!!!!!”…. Thank god, at that point I was able recall some formulas of A.P and eventually to solve that problem and
grab the ‘last chance’. He was very happy to see that I solved that and asked me to wait outside for the HR round. So, at that point it was clear
to me that I’ve cleared the tech round because only those people were asked to wait who cleared the tech interview.


Within 5 minutes I went to give the HR. The lady HR was cool.
Intvr: Have you got your lunch ?

Me: No, mam.

Intvr: Why? It almost 3:00 p.m.(With a smile)

Me: Actually I thought to have it after the interview.

Intvr: Have you got any energy left in you, after this long hours? .( Again with a smile)

Me: Yes, a bit. (Now I gave a smile too!)

Intvr: Do you have any breaks in your studies?

Me: No, mam.

Intvr: Ok, then introduce yourself.

Me: answered and impressed her.

Intvr: Now tell me what do you know about I-FLEX.

Me: answered and impressed her.

Intvr: Tell me something about your family and school life.

Me: Answered. (It is always good to feel proud when talking about parents, so, I did. And she again appreciated my answer.)

Intvr: What are your short-term goal & long-term goal.

Me: I told my short-term goal but I forgot what I’ve prepared as long-term goal. So, after telling my short-term goal I started like ‘life is very
dynamic, so in this fast changing life I don’t like to set-up long-term goals; I setup short-term ones and by achieving them I want to go up the
professional ladder. And I’m also a believer of slow but steady growth ’.

Intvr: Hmmm!!!!!!! That’s very good. So, what camera do you have? (Because I’ve written in the HR form that my hobby is

Me: Nikon F; a 1965 model.

Intvr: What kind of pictures you like to take?

Me: I like to click silhouettes. And when I’ll visit Agra I’ll surely take a silhouette of Taj Mahal. J

Intvr: (She again smiled and tilted her head in appreciation) Do you like music?

Me: Yes mam!!! My favorite band is ‘Poets of the Fall.’

Intvr: What song do you like most?

Me : ‘Carnival of Rust’.

Intvr:J That’s impressive.

Intvr: Do you believe in god?

Me: (With a smile) My mother is my goddess and I believe her.

Intvr: (She was actually amazed by my answer) So, you love your mom?

Me: Yes!!!!! mam.J

Intvr: Whats the meaning of tour name?

Me: Answered.

Intvr: Do you like to travel?

Me: Yes!!!!! I do.

Intvr: Do you have any problem in getting relocated?

Me: No!!! mam.(Now at this point I was getting the wind that I’m selected.)

Intvr: So, that’s all for the day. Hope to see you soon again.

Me:J Thank you mam!!!!! For interviewing me….

Intvr: Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!!

At last at 6:45 p.m. our result got declared & by Almighty’s unlimited grace I was selected. Total 52 people were selected from 178, who
cleared the apti.

So, all you people who are still waiting to be recruited; keep your cool because it is the greatest test of patience. Don’t worry about your those
friends who got placed on the very first day. They had luck and you didn’t. And your days will come soon. Always believe that “HE
CONQURES, WHO ENDURES.” So, keep your fingers crossed, keep practicing (although it feels very boring to brush up the same thing again
and again) and lets hope for the best!!!!!!!!!!

ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i-flex solutions limited Placement Paper & Interview

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