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Technical C, C++ Aptitude IBM Campus Placement Paper

1.Difference between 123 and O123 in c language

2.The command used to count the number of lines in UNIX:

3.The commands like cat, date are stored in___________ directory:

4.The attribute of one table is used as the key address of another table. this kind of address is called
a) foreign address
b) primary address
c) secondary address

5.A container contains pure milk. if 20% is replaced by water and then the same processes is repeated twice then what will b the % of milk remaining?

6.A can fill a tank in 6 hours and B can fill the tank in 4 hours. if both the pipes are opened alternatively for an hour with A as the first then in how many hours will the tank b filled?

7.In 50 coins 1 is defective (more weight) .in how many weighs can u find the defective coin?

8.In a km race A beats B by 28metres or 7 sec. find A’s time over the course?

9.A frog can climb a distance of 12m and then falls back by 5m. in how much time will it climb a well of 63m?

10.If a square piece is cut into 27 parts in 6 cuts and is coated with cake in all its outer surfaces than find the number of pieces without cake?

11.the number of multiplications done in square matrix of order n?

12.If 1st Jan is a Sunday then find the number of Sundays in that year?

13.If there r 20 black and 20 white socks, then find the number of chances which will help to collect three pair of socks?

14.There r 180 coins totally comprising of 10p and 25p coins. contributing to 36.90 rs. Find the number of 10p coins?

15.there r three persons A,B,C.out of which one says always the truth. other 2 always speaks false. each one makes a statement?
1.i am not A
2.I am not B.
3.I am C. c
} if the input is ABCD# ,what will b the output?

17.Inline function is used for?


float a,b,c;
if(b*b-4*a*c)=0.0printf(“the roots r equal”);

int x=14,y=10,z=3;
}what is the value of x

20.40% of the people read newspaper A,50% B,10% both A&B. how many % doesn’t read any of the both?

21.relation between class and structure…(something like public ,private..)

22.which operator cannot be overloaded? ?:

23.which of the given statements is true ‘but overloading?

24.If a flight ticket is to be booked and attributes like flight number, ticket number,destination,arrival,sat number are given. which of the above is the primary key?

25) If one man do a job of two boys. If 12 men’s and 15 boys can do a work in 25 days working 7.5 hrs a day. How many boys are required along with 21 men’s to complete a work twice the first one in 50 days.

26) If 200m and 150m long trains moving in the same direction at a speed of 40kmph and 45kmph, what is the time taken by the trains to cross each other.

27. If the radius of the circle is decreased by 50% then the area will be reduced by what percentage. Ans 25%

28) If average age of a five member group is same as three years ago. When a old man is replaced by a young man. What is the diff. between their ages.

29) 3 step of a ladder is immersed in water .if thickness of the steps is 1.5” and distance between the steps is 8” .the tide raise at the rate of 16” per hour for first 6 hrs and then it ebbs at the rate of 8” per hour .after 8 hrs how many steps will be immersed in water.

IBM Placement Paper

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