IBM English Language Sample Placement Paper 2021

  1. He took to (a) / reading Times (b) / for better knowledge (c) / of the
    facts (d) / No error (e)
    A. he took to
    B. reading times
    C. for better knowledge
    D. of the facts
    Answer: Option B
  2. Likelihood
    A. liken
    B. likely
    C. like
    D. likeable
    Answer: Option C
  3. With Justine’s nature and passion for art, she would make an excellent tour guide for the museum. A. volatile
    B. congenial
    C. servile
    D. fledgling
    Answer: Option B
  4. The train had left.
    A. past perfect
    B. past continuous
    C. past future
    D. simple present
    Answer: Option A
  1. You will have finished this work by tomorrow.
    A. This work will be finished by tomorrow.
    B. This work will finished tomorrow.
    C. This work will have been finished by tomorrow.
    D. This work will have been finished tomorrow.
    Answer: Option C
  2. He brought him with great difficulty. A. about
    B. in
    C. up
    D. over
    Answer: Option C
    A. abuse
    B. rebuke
    C. praise
    D. retort
    Answer: Option C
  4. The young, thin boy surprised his wrestling opponent with his strength.
    A. fraudulent
    B. wiry
    C. frolicsome
    D. pretentious
    Answer: Option B
  5. An extremely deep crack or opening in the ground
    A. Chasm
    B. Aperture
    C. Ditch
    D. Pit
    Answer: Option A
  6. Modern
    A. ity
    B. ty
    C. ty
    D. ite
    Answer: Option A
  7. If he is averse recommending my name, he should not hesitate to admit it.
    A. about
    B. for
    C. to
    D. against
    Answer: Option C
    A. disappoint
    B. distend
    C. to
    D. generate
    Answer: Option C
  9. He may be innocent. I do not know.
    a) I doubt ———–
    b) I do not ———–
    c) That he is ———–
    A. Only A
    B. Only B
    C. Only C
    D. A & B
    Answer: Option B
    A. prodigal
    B. serious
    C. disloyal
    D. friendly
    Answer: Option D
  11. According to pirate lore, a terrible would follow whoever opened the treasure chest.
    A. precursor
    B. precession
    C. rendition
    D. malediction
    Answer: Option D

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