Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

friends ,my name is kartheek studying BTECH(EEE) in vellore institute of technology.
Last month IBM came to our college selected 64 students .
IBM written paper was very easy.(Its patteren same as CTS and HP).Because test conducted merit trac company.
5 questions on ven diagrams
5 questions on $,* binary conversion problems
EX: $ represents 1,* represents 0
what is the value of 5 in terms of these symbols
english grammmer will be there,passage questions very easy
next round interview 3 questions asked to me
1.what is u r project
2.what is structure
3 simple queries in sql
interview completed.i got selected in inteview
next round HR

he asked me around 20 minute
1.After 5 years what will be the position of u in IBM
2 what is u rhobbies
3.u r favourate tennis player
like this questions he asked
Finally i didn’t selected,due to my less confidanse , observation
and confusion.don’t show likequalities this any interview