Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

The test consisted of 40 qs. A time limit of 60 min was given. It had
20 aptitude and 20 technical qs.
For the aptitude part, if you prepare from R.S. Agarwal, that is
sufficient. And for the technical part, the questions were from a
wide variety of subjects including OS, DBMS, C++, Software
Engineering etc.
The questions which I remember I have written below.
1. How many times do the hands of the clock coincide in a day?
Ans: 24
2. A question on time and work
3. qs. on speed and distance
4. five qs on sectors. In a pie chart the sectors were given in
terms of percentages. Various questions were asked on it.
For e.g.
For each of these divisions the percentages was mentioned and
something similar to the following questions were asked.
If 105 was scored, find which subject it is?
If the difference between Maths and Science is 25 which other 2
subjects have the same difference?
5. Software Configuration Management process is —————–

6. Data Integrity constraint is ———————————

7. Paging is ————————
8. What is the output of the following program
printf(%u, main);
After the written test, I had a technical cum HR interview.
In the technical part, they asked me a lot of questions on my final
semester project. They also asked me questions on DBMS, SDLC, OOPS
concepts etc.
The questions which I remember are
1. What is the most important thing in database design?
2. Explain normalization technique as u would explain to a
common man?
3. What are the steps in SDLC?
4. Which is the most important step in SDLC?
5. Is documentation a waste of time?
6. Draw a flowchart to find a number from an array.
7. What is error detection and where will u do it?
As for the HR part they asked me questions on my background. They
also gave me a couple of situations like
if u get an offer from the 3 top companies which one would u choose?
After u joined IBM if u get a better offer from another company what
will u do?