Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

hai friends,

h r u..
this is LMK VARMA ,i am studying final year at MLEC,singarayakonda.i just selected to IBM
i would like to express my experience(interview) to u, i think it is useful to all who r having IBM as dream com.
1.written test
>english( articals(2),prepositions(3),compression passage(5))
** those very easy, no need of preparation**
>apptitude(generally they give 10-20 bits but for my exam they gaven only 2)
they give very easy problems we can calculate with in 1 min.
very very important
for my exam they given app. 30 above.generally 20 bits.
very very very easy
*blood relations
*ven diagrams
*general topics…….
>technical (c,unix,dbms)
*************************************time management very very important that place u in frist position

2.technical interview
******** what u put in u r resume that sub they mainly concentrate, plz concentrate on preparation of resume..dont copy and paste from others even from net also..plz try to spend more time to prepare resume ************

common subjects:
C (test u r c skills)
DBMS( any net material or korth or atleast spectrum)
CN ( net material)
UNIX (net material or atleast hitech plz concentrate on commands)
DS ( sorting programs*for cse , it is main* and all basic operations)

3.HR interview
**************************************confidence plays major role in any HR
common ques
*tell me about u
*family background
*resume topics
my question is
*tell me about folder not less than 2 min.
>dont stop upto he stop u
byeeeeeeeeeeee friends
all the best

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