Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

IBM paper consists of 3 main stages.


APTITUDE(55 questions in 1hr) no negative marking

The aptitude consists of 4 sections.

Section A-English(10 questions):

The 10 questions were divided into two main parts. First five questions were fill in the blanks they were very simple we had to fill them using a/an/the etc. They were all very simple any one can do them. The other five questions were based on a passage, the first three questions were simple you can solve them just by going through the passage once. The other two questions required a bit of analysis that is you interpret the passage and then answer that question. It was also simple. Do not spend more than 10 minutes in this part. You will not get lots of extra time.

Section B-Quantitative(25 questions) Section C-Reasoning(10 questions)

I am giving the two sections together as I don`t remember which question belonged to which section. In this section you need to know the basic mathematics, just brush up all the basic concepts, I had just done r.s. agarwal(both quantitative and reasoning). The questions were based on boat problems, ages, average of whole class is this??..then find the age of the teacher?., speed and distance, trains, one question on venn diagram, blood relations(a man who had no brother and sisters said looking at a photograph ? the person in the photograph is the son of my fathers son? ans: he was his own son. A question on profit and loss, and cubes questions are an important part of this section.

The reasoning questions were very simple. Three main types of questions were:

1. if * is replaced by+, /is replaced by -,- is replaced by *and +is replaced by/ than find 56*36/96-12+3 like. This is very simple just replace as said and then apply the BODMAS rule. There were 3-4 questions on this. You cannot afford to loose these questions.

2. some strings were given you just had to compare them and tell whether they match or not, very simple can be done by any person just be careful. Eg: a) 6677119432 b) 6677119422 c) 6677119432

3. In a binary system 1 is written as $ and 0 is written as *. How will you write 32 in the from of $ and * Clearly this was the problem of binary conversions. You just needed to put $ and * in place of 1s n 0s after converting the decimal number into binary. Learn to convert numbers like 89 and 89.99 into binary. This will do the work. There were about five questions on this and should be solved. Try spending about 10 minutes in the reasoning section.

Section D-Technical(10 questions)

This section I found a bit tough there were two c programs couldn`t get them at all.

One of them was

%c%void main()







there were the two mains in this I don`t know what they meant.

The other questions were on DBMS(cardinality), unix(chmod,kernel), sql(find out the mistake in the given query), some basic questions on C and also computer networks.

2nd Stage(Technical Interview):

The result was declared of the aptitude round in about 2 hrs. about 200 students were selected and the selected students had to go for the presentation and just after that the interviews were to start. Be careful to listen in the presentation because they can refer to it in the interview and through this you can get to know about the company, collect points from the presentation so that you can use them in the interview like you should be able to show that you suite to there needs, your goals and there ethics should match.

The presentation started at 1.30 in the afternoon and I was given time for the interview as 3. the presentation ended at about 3 and I had to rush in for the interview. People were divided into groups and clubbed in different rooms. Different time slots were allotted to all the people. First we were given a form which basically consisted of what is written in our resume and things related to that. One sir called my name and the my answer sheet of the aptitude was attached with my resume and a photograph.

There were two interviewers I wished them good afternoon and they asked me to sit.

Sir: o.k Shikha tell me something about yourself.

I: as my name goes Shikha, I am a person who wants to touch new heights do something new something different and am very innovative. I am a very hardworking person and positive in my approach, diligent in my approach and complete all my work on time, apart from other hobbies like reading books, making friends I love to learn from my past experiences in my free time I analyse my past.

Sir: o.k as you say you want to do different things, what is it that you have done different till now.

I: sir, I haven`t got a chance till now but given an opportunity I know I can do it.

Sir: (seeing in my resume he asked)what languages do you know?

I: c.

Sir: why c?

I: because this is the language I have been doing from the beginning and have worked more on this.

Sir: you have also written Oracle.

I: I have the practical knowledge of this and not the in-depth knowledge.

Sir: what is the difference between practical knowledge and in-depth knowledge?

I: it means that I can perform the practicals in this as this was the language in our lab.

Sir: but if you can work in this means you have the practical knowledge.

I: no sir, practical means that I am able to create database in this and write queries in this but there are other things in this also which I do not know.

Sir: so you can write queries?

I: yes sir.

Sir: so you have an orders table where you have order_id, order value and region as the fields, now we need to find out the region wise order value.

I: I wrote a query using groupby

Sir: do you think that this will give the required answer, for each region you need the total ordrevalue.

I: I used aggregate function in the query.

Sir: will this query give the required answer?

I: I think so but I am not sure 50%.

Sir: what do you see yourself doing five years from now?

I: I will join the company as a software trainee, I want a steady growth and learn constantly and in five years probably be the project leader or the project manager.

Sir: why do you want a steady growth?

I: I want to learn while I work which is possible with a steady growth, I want to rise step-by-step.

Sir: so you don`t want a fast growth, suppose you reached to a certain level and your friend had a sharp growth in her career then.

I: no sir, it`s not like that it`s like the hare and the tortoise race, hare reached at a place far ahead in less time but finally lost the race, I don`t want to stagnate and grow constantly when I will grow steadily I will learn more.

Sir: so if you will get the opportunity to have a fast rise you will not go in for that and still want to work steadily.

I: sir, if I have the capability in me then I will be able to learn faster as compared to others and reach to a higher position in less amount of time as compared to others while learning.

Sir: so you are what a team leader or a team player?

I: team leader.

Sir: in what all you have acted as a team leader?

I: I participate a lot in the cultural activities which are taking place in the college and co-ordinate the various events held.

Sir: what do you do as a team leader?

I: while in the college dances I had to select the songs, decide there sequence, the steps which we will perform and how we will perform that, everything has to be decided.

Sir: suppose that you have a friend and she has the capabilities but is not able to contribute then what will you do.

I; sir this actually happened with me, one of my friend`s is very good at dancing but she was not wanting to perform.

Sir: stage fear?

I: yes sir stage fear.

Sir: what did you do then?

I: sir I persuaded her that if we have the capability then we should perform, we should bring out our talent in front of everyone and not keep it to ourselves, and make sure that everyone knows about it. And finally I was able to persuade her and she gave the best performance.

Sir: have you presented any paper till now?

I: yes sir.

Sir: till what level did it reached?

I: level? I couldn`t understand.

Sir: it got which award and could reach to which stage.

I: no sir it got no award.

Sir: so was it selected?

I: no sir.

Sir: what do you think are the reasons that it was not selected?

I: sir I could have found out more about the topic from the net, and prepared a good paper.

Sir: was the time less?

I: Yes sir we had to submit our paper at about 12 in the afternoon and were told about it just a day before that when we were leaving the college at about 4-5 in the evening.

Sir: Shikha you wait outside don`t go anywhere.

I: thankyou sir.

Stage 3(Hr Interview)

As soon as I came out of the interview room I was told to complete the form which I was not able to complete earlier. I had to finish it fast then I was taken to the hr. The sir who took me to the hr handed him the report that the technical people had made and the other things which were given to the technical people also.

Sir: hello shikha

I: hello sir, good afternoon.

Sir: I have not gone through all these papers as I have just got them please give me time to go through these.

I: yes sir.

Sir: it`s a good report shikha.

I: I smiled

Sir: tell me something about yourself, apart from what is there in the resume.

I: as my name goes Shikha, I am a person who wants to touch new heights, do something new and different and am very innovative. I like to learn from my past experiences.

Sir: please don`t mind if I stop you in between because I will stop you when I have got what I wanted to know.

I: no sir.

Sir: can you give me an example what you have learned from your past.

I: I had done a big mistake when I was in class 12, at that time I knew I wanted to go for computers but the way was not sure. I thought that I will probably do B.Sc. and then do MCA. But by the end of class 12 I realized that I wanted to do engineering but the time was not left for me to prepare for the competitive exams so I had to drop an year for that, if I had decided the thing earlier my one year would not have been wasted.

Sir: what have you decided for now?

I: sir I want to join a good it company and grow personally and professionally.

Sir: professionally is there how will you grow personally?

I: when I join a good company I will be in the company of experienced people so I can learn how do they communicate, their soft skills, how do they work in stress and how do they deal with it. Learn all those things which I am probably lacking now.

Sir: suppose Shikha I assign you a work which you don`t like in the it field, what is it that you don`t like.

I: networking.

Sir: so I assign you to networking but this is not what you like to do how will you persuade me to assign you something of your liking?

I: I will say that I don`t like this work and I am more interested in software development so please assign me some work in that.

Sir: but I am a rigid person and will not agree with you do and say that you will have to do this only, then.

I: I will do that work and do it to the best of my capability and show that I can do this also.

Sir: if I assign you to the job for one year then.

I: I will try to persuade you and say that I will be able to work more properly the work which I am interested in so please assign me some other work.

Sir: but I still won`t agree then.

I: I will do the work.

Sir; if I will tell you to do the work for your lifetime then.

I: I will still try and say that a person can give his 100% to a job he is interested in and can work more efficiently the job he wants to work, rather than something which he is not interested in.

Sir: but I still won`t agree then.

I: then I will do that job and prove that I can do any work which is assigned to me and probably that I will start enjoying that work by then.

Sir: don`t say this to anyone, be honest you cannot do something you don`t like for your lifetime, I will never do that.

I: yes sir

Sir: Shikha give me an example from your life that you were doing something and then the things started going wrong and what did you do so that everything was correct again. It can be anything, not necessarily academics, can be cooking or anything else you were doing.


Sir: suppose I have 2 posts and I want to take 50 people then why should I take you.

I: apart from being a consistent performer from the beginning, I am a very hardworking person and am flexible so can work in a team easily, and I am eager to learn, so can learn new things easily.

Sir: why do you want to join IBM .

I: it`s a good company, I have no relatives in this company but I have heard about this company that the work environment is good and it takes care of it employees.

Sir: tell me three good points about your college.

I: it has a huge building, excellent teachers and lots of cultural activities.

Sir: do you want to go in for higher studies.

I: no sir.

Sir: why?

I: I want to do a job right now and learn while I am working.

Sir: suppose you get an opportunity to do or research then what will you do and why.

I: sir, I will like to go in for research because is something which anyone can do and everyone is going to read the same books and learn the same things there is nothing new or different and what is taught at that time I can learn while being in the job but if I will be in research then I will develop something which others have not developed till now and probably set an example.

Sir: suppose you have been working in IBM for 6months and then you are offered for research then what will you do.

I: sir, if IBM is offering me work in research then I will join that because that will be the field of interest for me.

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