Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

Hi friends,
here i am giving my interview exp and pattern of IBM .i am a
final year student of ECE.

The pattern is same as usual. Written test ,Tech interviw and HR .
Written test:
total 55 marks
English:10 marks
5 Que on prepositions,articles and 5 Que on passage.
Apttitude:25 marks
very easy section
basic apttitude
6 que on a single venn diagram que like
60 take coffe,78 take tea,45 take milk and some data
will be given and ques are asked on that .
ques on data sufficiancy.4 or 5 ques on this topic also very
ques like
x+y=15 and avg of x,y,z of is 45 than z=?
: one student rank from first is 12 and from last is 38
what is the total strenth
:one object is 5th place from right and left sides how many
r there total
General Attention Detail:10 marks
this is also easy section
ques like
some numes will be given a.12233445b.12233554 c.12233445 and asked
which r alike.3 ques on this .
and 3 ques on
if * is replaced by+, /is replced by -,- is repaced by *
and +is replaced by/ than find 56*36/96-12+3 like .be patient and
apply BODMAS rule.
Technical section:10 marks
ques on basic computes DBMS,OS,C etc

total 55 marks seperate cut of for girls and boys .for girls cutoff
will be less.

Technicla interview
– tell me abt u r self
-what is windows XP
-ques on my project
– ques on C and C++
– diff btn c and c++
he asked me that u r good at electronics so why u r coming this
software side

HR interview:
-tell me abt u r self
– u r family details
-why IBM
– what is p-n junc diode
he dra a ckt and asked me what is the congifuration
-he asked if i give u a testing job for u r entire carrer do u
work? i told yes
and some genreral ques

Written test is very easy but u should be fast and accurate.
keep projects on ur resume it will heip u.and u should perfect with
the only thing in hr is u r confidance .it covers ur mistakes if any
know abt IBM before
in HR they will chek u on comm skills ,decision maling, leadership
qualities,team work ,creativity,innovation,etc , each will have
options in ur aplication like outstanding,avg ,above avg,good they
will put tick based on u r answers.

i am glad that i got through in it.
ok all the best

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