Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

Hey Friends , Here `s my experience for the IBM
It consisted of 4 sections :
Section 1 Verbal :
This section contains only 10 ques: out of which 5 are to be solved from a passage….( approx 100 words ) Try to do at
last The remaining 5 ques will be based on Preposition or sentence completion
Section 2 : Aptitude :
It consisted of 25 ques :: Ques on binary conversion were there :
If $ represents 1 and * represents 0 , then evaluate , $$$+$**-$*$
Ques based on Probability
Ques baseed on If 10 can speak Hindi and Eng , 20 can speak hindi and Telegu , 25 can speak Telugu and
Bengali ..Find how many can speak only HInd
Section 3 :: Attention To Detail ( 10 Ques )
Find are these alike or not
Be carefull for these ques as person in a hurry tend to do these scoring ques wrong
Section 4 Computers and Fundamentals ( 10 Ques)
Small C prog will be given and tell its output
Ques on ER Diagram
Ques on chmod 755
some more on Unix and DBMS
Out of 55 ques , try at least 35 ques should be correc
After that they Called for Tech Interview and in that they will ask from urur basics
Tell abt urself which is not mentioned in ururururur prefernce once u smell the victory
Try to be cool and maintain a proper eye contact wth the interviewer with smile on ur face.. SO finally out of 1000
candidates , 272 quallified the first hurrdle and finally 100 got selected ..