Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

Hi friends,
I got placed in IBM Global on 1st Sep 2006. I would like to share few details about the procedure of the test.
The test was very simple and we were given 1 hour to complete 60 questions.
There were problem on Ages, Time & Distance, Time & Work, Venn Diagram Questions etc.
I feel that R. S. Agarwal will be sufficient for all these types of problems.
General English like articles, synonyms etc which were very simple.
One problem in Aptitutde took almost 5 mins which was very simple but very confusing too. And because of that problem
i almost missed out Technical Section but finally i made it. Technical Section mainly consisted of O.S., C, DBMS etc.
I feel that it was sectional cut off so try to get atleast minimum %ge in every section.
For eg if there are 10 questions in one section then try to solve atleast 6 of them correctly.
Refer R.S. Agarwal Aptitude and also R.S. Agarwal VERBAL and NON VERBAL.
These two books helped me and my partner both. I was little tensed about the interview but it went very nicely.
They asked me question to convert Decimal Number to Binary. Then they asked me the difference between Array and Structure.
Later very simple questions like Tell me something about yourself, Why you want to join IBM etc.
You should be very approaching in answering these HR questions. Keep a positive attitude and smile on your face while talking to
interviewer. It was very difficult for me to smile but i didnt let that smile go off my face since i was very tensed (as it happens with
Finally they told me to fill the form. Dont try to hide any of your educational detail from the company as later it might be a problem
for you. 🙂 since i didnt hide.
After 15 mins they announced the result. Out of 25 they selected 17 and i was also one of them. The feel was really great. I pray
that every deserving
candidate should get placed in the campus itself. I can not forget that moment in my whole life. There are no particular words to
my feelings, but it was really great. And yes, the cut off percentage was 65%+. So best of luck friends. Hope u make it.
Regards and well wishes,