Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

Hi every body, I got selected in IBM on 23rd.
I want to share my experiences with you. During the aptitude exam we had very less time. So time management is an imp factor.
The apti consisted of 4 sections. The 1st was English reading & Comprehension ability test. There were prepositions which were
quite dicey and articles. Then there was a comprehension passage on 2D & 3D CAD design. The second part consisted of
numerical & logical ability in which there were questions on number, time ranking test from RS Agarwal, set theory, Binary, Blood
relations and few problems which were very easy. 3rd part was attention ability test. Questions were from decision making,
mathematical operations i.e. if + stands for *, / for – etc. Fourth part was on Computer fundamentals. Those who are from
IT/CSE have an added advantage here, but as I’m from ECE I had a bit of problem. I played a bit of tic tac toe here as there was
no negative marking. Guess I was a bit lucky here. It might sound easy but remember we were running short of time and cut off
per section was very high about 50-60%.

Interview Questions:

1. Where is your résumé? Sir invigilator stapled it with my ans sheet.
2. Introduce yourself.
3. Why do you want to switch to S/W industry? More opportunities.
4. Write a program in C to sort a list of numbers in descending order.
5. What is static & dynamic logic?
6. Differentiate b/w analog & digital communication.
7. What’s Bi-CMOS?
8. Why do you think we should recruit you?
9. Which is the last book that you have read?
10. Tell me something about the book?
11. Which is your preferred location?
12. Are you ready to relocate?
13. Do you have any questions for us?
Ruchira Kar