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IBM Placement Paper Pattern and Interview held on 4th Sept 2010 Kolkata IBM PATTERN & INTERVIEW – 04 SEP 2010 – KOLKATA

IBM conducted a campusing at Kolkata on 4th and 5th September. The IBM people were awesome and conducted the whole process superbly. Truly professional in their work. Very cooperative.

It consisted of 4 rounds namely :
1. Aptitude
2. GD
3. Technical
4. PDM Round (HR)

First round was Aptitude. They gave us a packet which consisted of a answer sheet and three question papers. When the invigilator will signal we need to open each question papers.

First was basic Matrix questions which you will get in other IBM papers posted here. No negative marking for this section. 15 questions in 12 minutes. 3 matrices and 5 questions from each of them. Most of the questions were easy. Few were tricky and time consuming. Do not go for those just attempt easy questions first and in the last few minutes go for guessing the remaining questions.

Second paper was of number series. 20 questions in 4 minutes. Very very easy but time management is essential and moreover negative marking is also there (-0.25 for 1 wrong answer). So try to find the logic and tick mark the answer quickly. Most scoring section.

Third paper was of quants. 12 questions in 13 minutes. Quite hard. Long calculations needed. Negative marking is there (-0.25 for 1 wrong answer). Try to attempt only if you are sure.

Tips: Just concentrate on first two sections. I think there was no sectional cutoff. So concentrate on first two sections. The main thing was time management because you have to do 47 questions in 29 min.

I attempted 15 questions in the first section. 11 questions in the second section. 4 in the last section. All were confirmed right and I was selected for the next round.

Note: Cutoff may vary according to the strength of appearing candidates and IBM’s requirement.

Second round was GD. It was very easy most of candidates were selected. My topic was “CRICKET NOW A DAYS IS MORE ABOUT MONEY RATHER THAN TALENT”. Group of 15 were formed and each of us were given 30 seconds to speak. After all of us had spoken an open discussion was initiated for 5 minutes.

Third round was Technical round. Interviewer was quite cool. It went for 20 minutes in my case. They asked me my favourite subjects ans asked questions on them. DBMS, Software Engineering, C, Java were the subjects from where I was asked the questions. They even gave me to write SQL queries and analyze basic tricky C programs.
Like what would the following loop work?

for(i=10;i<=0;i–). If primary key in a table is deleted then what will happen to the forign key in the second table? Write a query to select employees based on their Date of joining with their name starting with “s”. Software lifecycle.Waterfall model. While storing employee in the memory what will you prefer structure or array and why? How many kilobytes makes 1 byte? (quite confusing at that situation) Remember they may even ask you puzzles like I was asked “suppose I say I can see a tree outside now but 36 hrs later I will not be able to see the tree. Am I right or wrong how will you evaluate it?” Next round was PDM round. It also went for 20-30 minutes. I was asked technical questions and all kinds of pscychological questions. They test your mental state and your ability to work in a team. Questions I was asked are What is operating system? why do we need softwares? Why IBM? Suppose you have an idea better than your project manager. But he is not agreeing to your idea. How will you handle the situation? Suppose you have an appointment with your girlfriend on saturday and suddenly your project manager asks you to come on saturday. How will you handle the situation? Suppose you have two persons in your project team and they are having ego clashes. How will you handle them? Guys I am telling you do not take this PDM round lightly. They even disqualified people who were sound in technical. I must tell you that most of the candidates who were disqualified were from technical and PDM (around 80). IBM interview according to my experience is not like others where if you clear the apti round you will get selected easily and technical+HR is done at the same time (90% chance of getting a job after you clear apti). Of course in IBM if you clear the apti you have got a 70% chance of getting into it but still do count on the remaining 30%. Nevertheless if you clear IBM selection process you will be satisfied and more confident for the future. One more thing do not get frightened. They do not conduct stress interviews. The whole process would be done in a cool way. Just be smart and confident. They prefer smart and confident people with normal technical knowledge.(my views) And lastly believe in God and luck will be on your side. Categories: IBM Papers , download ibm placement paper, IBM, ibm latest placement paper structure, ibm latest placement papers, ibm placement paper, ibm placement pattern, ibm previous placement papers, latest ibm placment papers, recent ibm placement papers

IBM Placement Paper

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