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Aptitude section:

1. Time problem – Three persons A,B,C are waiting for Train.A has to wait for sometime twice the time b has to wait.B has to
wait till 4:48 and c has to wait 4:57. What is the time now?(I’m not sure abt the question, but the answer is correct).
Ans : is 4.39

2.Problem on probability – What is the probablity of two persons among the four having birthday in he same month?
A. 75%
B. 50%
C. 33%
Ans : I dont know the answer.

3. A’s salary is 25% more than B’s salary.How much % is b’s salary on A’s salary?
Ans : It’s obviously 80%.

4. A problem on Boats and Streams…There is a river. A boy’s house is at the river bank and his school is on the other side of the
river. The distance between house and school is 1/4 miles.The boy is going to school by swimming at the rate of 2.5mph.The
river’s upstream is 2mph.How long will it take him to reach the
Ans : 30min.

5. The diameter of a wheel is 1.26m.If this wheel rotates 500 rotations, how long it can travel?
Ans : 1.98km.

6. If the ratio of speed of a train is 5:4:6 then what is ratio of the time taken to cover same distance?
Ans : 12:15:10

7. If five buds can make a full cigarette, how many cigarettes can we make with 121 buds?
Ans : 30

8. The ratio of radii of two cylinders is 2:3 and the ratio of their heights is 5:3. If the volume of the bigger cylinder is 27,
then what is volume of the smaller one?
Ans : 20

9. If the sum of the digits of a two digit number is 9 less than the original number, then what is the 10s digit of the number?
Ans : 1

10. E N D
Here find the value of D?
Ans : 8

11. A squirrel problem :
Ans :

12. Some people are standing square. From them 32 are removed and then form a small square and then 8 more removed. now
we cannot form the square. so how many people are there at the beginning?
Ans : 81

13. A grandpa’s age is sum of his four grandsons provided that the grandsons’ ages are consecutive in number. Then what is the
age of the grandpa?
Ans : 78

14.If 20 men can build a wall 56m long in 6 days, then what length of a similar wall can be built by 35 men in 3 days?
Ans : 49

15. If m power n = 121, then what is the value of (m-1) power (n+1)?
Ans : 1000

16. What is the condition for a singular matrix? Ans : All values of a row are 0 and all values of a column are

Note: For a matrix A, to be singular, The determinant value of that matrix should be 0,ie, |A|=0

17. At 12 noon, Both hands of a clock meet together.After how many minutes can they meet again?
Ans : 65:45min

18. The average of first 50 natural numbers?
Ans : 25.5

19. There is 20 litre solution containing 10% water and 90% spirit. How much water should be added to make the solution
containing 25% water?
Ans : 4 litres.

20. There are 20,6 and 9 rupees notes. you have to form 99 rupees with minimum number of notes.At what minimum number of
notes you can achieve this?
Ans : 8

1. An attribute in a table that is related with primary key of the another table is called…
Ans : Foreign key
2. The scope of the static varaible is…
Ans : function
3. Which of the following has the function scope?
D.Goto label
E.All the above