Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

IBM Test Paper

Technical part is easy we can finish in 20 mins.

Aptitude was tough out of nearly 100 members, they shorlisted 35 candidates for interview process.

I 1. In 1930 a man’s age is the last 2 digit of the year intercganged in which he born and his granpa’s age also like
the same.

2.10pow10pow10 if one takes 1 sec to write a single digit then how long will it take to write the above _expression.

3. 2 trains coming in opposite directions in 12 km/hr distance between the trains is 24 km an insect starts at the same time when
the train starts at a speed of 18km/hr. How many km the insect might have travelled before it got crashed between the 2 trains.

4. less than 30 of them are there. Among those 1/3rd know french 1/4th knows english, 1/2 knows german, then 1/8 of
them donn’t know any of the languages. Then find out how many are there totally.

5. what will be the unit digit number od 7 pow 173

6. what is the probability that 2 of them selected randomly have got the same month of birth?

7. in c output of one prg. Very easy

8. parity bit for what?

9. if in a graph some nodes are there ….can we tell it is bipartite.. (question on discrete)

10-14. One comprehension and 5 questions based on that.
15. some 3 pairs of white socks, 4 pairs of red socks and 2 pairs of black socks among that what is the probability that correct pairs can be taken out?

16. YWCC is what in options they had specified for compiler…a big hats off to chetana mam and suri sir for maintaining such a wonderful group just to serve people who are in search of job. Really thru this
group we are getting the chance to know the current openings..