i-flex solutions limited
i-flex solutions limited

i-flex solutions limited Placement Paper

Company: i-flex solutions limited

I am Ratheesh. i-flex solutions came to our college for recruitment process on 2nd August, and on the same day the whole recruitment process was completed by conducting aptitude, technical and hr interview…
8 colleges participated in this process….nearly 700 appeared..

The interview process goes like this..

APTITUDE-(50 questions-60 minutes)
There were 5 sections of 10 questions each. They include-English, Data interpretation, Data sufficiency, aptitude and Logical reasoning. One hour was allotted for these 50 questions. Refer R.S.Agarwal Quantitative, verbal and non verbal reasoning. All the questions were quite easy (+1 for correct answers and -0.25 for each wrong answers).

They announced the results by 1.30pm. 48 cleared the 1st round out of 700 appeared.

The interview took almost 30 mins. questions were asked from C, C++ and data structures.
The questions asked to me.
1. Major difference between c & c++.
2. Advantages of using OOPS.
3. Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Virtual functions with real time examples.
4. Interviewer asked me to write program for inheritance and linked list with proper explanations.
they check the confidence in u. If u feel that ur answer isn’t correct just pause a while and think and answer. They do have a very good patience in listening.

All the 48 candidates who cleared 1st round were made to appear both Technical and Hr interview.

A lady Hr interviwed me.. She was a soft character and was so interactive…..
these were the Questions asked….
Why did I prefer MCA …?
She asked me to tell one current hot topic.
She asked me to talk about the topic which i like the most for 3 mins.(i choose ATTITUDE)
She asked me “Is Women rights necessary…?” and “Is Education necessary for women…?”
She asked me Which I like the most in myself and why….?
Finally she asked me whether I got any questions to ask….And i asked her about the training process and whether they offer any final yr projects….

They announced the results by 7.30 pm… Out of 48, 25 got placed…and I m one among the lucky 25… Friends please dont loose hope if u didnt get selected. This is my 9th interview and im so happy that I got placed in one among the Top Companies. Confidence, positive attitude and trust in GOD will surely help u to come up in life in flying colours.. My kind advice is PLEASE DO HAVE A LOOK AT THE PAPERS AND CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE PROVIDED IN THIS WEBSITE BEFORE ATTENDING ANY COMPANY INTERVIEW..

i-flex solutions limited Placement Paper

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