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iGate Mascot Systems

iGate Mascot Systems Placement Paper

Company: iGate Mascot Systems

iGate Mascot Systems Aptitude Complete Paper With Answers

This is mascot systems paper ( I-Gate was previously known as Mascot Systems )
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Total 6 sections.
1)Computer Fundamentals
5)General Awareness

* All together 60 questions with each section containing 10 questions.
* All are multiple choice questions

1. One Nibble = ?
2. Hexadecimal and Octal representation of 1024 ?
3. What a compiler does ?
4. DOS ? (whether Graphical interface or Character interface and two more
choices are given)
5. CPU – abbrevation
6. Fortran used as ( Ans : Scientific Language)
7. ASCII character set ? (total number)
8. Windows NT- What NT stands for?
9. Which is not an input device ? (keyboard, Disk, Mouse,Lightpen)
10. Which is not a pointing device ?( mouse,Joy stick,lightpen none)
11. Microsoft Chief ?
12. 4GL ? (Fortran,SQL,ADA, ….)
13. Father of Computers?
14. Which of them is Object Oriented Language.?
15. Power PC is the product of ? (Microsoft,IBM,Apple,Motorola,Intel)
(A combination of any correct 3 companies)
16. Latest processor used ? (Pentium, Power PC, Pentium pro,none)
17. MS Word is ?
18. First Super Computer built in India. (Ans : param)
19. Which of the following companies donot manufacture chips?
(Microsoft, Motorola, Intel, HP)
20. LAN – abbrevation
21. WAN – abbrevation
22. Modem is ? (related to electrical hardware.- Like Modulator &demodulator)
23. FDD – abbrevation ( floppy Disc drive)
24. BIT – abbrevation
25. Information is ? (message, data,processed data,none)
26. Which is not networking ?(internet, Ethernet, arcnet,none)
27. One Gigabyte =?( 2 power30 , 2 power 20 ,2 power 10 none)
28. Which of the following is not RDBMS ? (sybase, SQL,Acess,none)_
29. Oracle is ? (Ans : Relationasl Data Base Management System)
30. In Oracle, Table means ( Ans : Collection of records)
31. DMA – abbrevation (Direct Memory Access,Discrete memory Access,
Disk memoryaccess)
32. What is meant byStatic Variable ?
33. What is meant by QUEUE? {refer any data structures text}
34. What is meant by STACK? {refer any data structures text}
35. The processor used in first IBM PC? (8086,8088,zig4,intel)
36. Difference between 80286 and 80287
37. In bubble sort , no. of comparisons required ?(ans : formula : N*(N-1)/2)
38. No. of comparisons of an item in 100 items by binary comparison?
( 10,25,50 100)
39. CRT – (Cathode Ray Tube)
40. No. of entryvalues are there in ideally in a subroutine.
41. Binary tree?
42. Flow in one direction ? (Single linked list,Double linked
43. Electron screen size ? (here, 2 lines of algorithm is given.
Name the algoirithm)
44. Which is not storage device.? (printer,CD ROM,Disk,none)
45. A question regarding memory ? ( least used memory,recently unused
46. ISO – (International Standard Organisation)
47. HTML – (Hyper Text Makeup Language)
48. Flow chart for factorial N? (ans :choice a)
49. What is meant by Recursion ?

50. Struct(s)
int a;
long b;
Union (u)
{int a;
long b;
Print sizeof(s)and sizeof(u) if sizeof(int)=4 and sizeof(long)=4

51.Switch (i)
case 1
case 2
break; ( ans : 1,2,3,none)
case 3
Output of i after executing the program

52. char S;
char S[6]= ” HELLO”;
printf(“%s “,S[6]);

output of the above program ? (0, ASCII 0, I,unpredictable)

53. Unsigned char c;
for ( c=0;c!=256;c++2)

No. of times the loop is executed ? (127,128,256,infinitely)

54. int i;
i=i+1; <====== PASCAL PROGRAM print i; until(i<10) end No. of times the loop is executed?

55. Convert (int A,var ,int B;int c) { A=10; B=4-; C=120; } Convert (inta,b,c) { <====== PASCAL PROGRAM a=1; b=4; c=12; } convert (A,B,c) ? (10,40,120 10,40,12,……….,…………)

56. Procedure A Begin ——– end <====== PASCAL PROGRAM Procedure B No. Of errors in the program ?(1,2,3,none) Begin ———– end

57. int i; i=2; i++; if(i=4) { printf(i=4); } else { printf(i=3); } output of the program ? (4,3,unpredictable,none) 58. what is FAT?. File allocation table

iGate Mascot Systems Placement Paper

About iGate Mascot Systems

Under the Companies Act of 1956, IGATE was originally incorporated as Mascot Systems Private Limited, in 1993, and later renamed Mascot Systems Limited. It was formerly a subsidiary of Mastech Systems Corporation, now Mastech Digital.[6]

In 2011, IGATE acquired Patni Computer Systems, which was three times its size at the time.[7] With a value of around a billion US dollars, this acquisition was the largest cross-border leveraged transaction in the IT sector,[citation needed] and was accomplished over 12 months, including the de-listing of Patni from the Indian bourses and consolidating the shareholder value in the U.S.[citation needed] Initially. IGATE changed its name to IGATE Patni. It was changed to IGATE again on 7 May 2012. Its shares are listed on the NYSE as “IGATE”. On 27 April 2015, Capgemini announced it would be acquiring IGATE, the transition would be completed over a phase of six months. IGATE CEO Ashok Trivedi announced his departure on 6 October 2015.[5]..visit offical website of iGate Mascot Systems for more details.

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