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iGate PLACEMENT PAPER at B.I.T Durg (C.G.)

Hi Friends,

1. Aptitude Test of 30 min and Questions were 15.

2. GD

3. Technical Interview.

Aptitude Questions are

1.) Mr. Yellow ,Mr. Brown and Mr. Green. They were wearing Tie of Yellow, Brown and Green Color. Mr. Brown said “We all r wearing Ties of color which do not match with our name”. One person says “Yes u r absolutely right” who was in green tie. Can U say which person wear the tie of which color?

2.) 5,14,33,52,__,__ (81,140)

3.) The angle in a triangle r in the ration ratio of 2:3:4. Can u find out the smallest angle of the triangle. (40)

4.) 4 white balls & 8 blue ball in the bucket 1 and in bucket 2 there were 4 white and 8 black balls. Find the probability of taking the white balls when one ball is drawn from each bucket. (either 2/3 or 1/3)

5.) Mother says to a boy to bring 9 marble from the market. But boy can bring only 2 marble at a time. Can you say how many trip to market the boy had to go to bring 9 marbles. (5)

6.) One fish tank is half full. After adding 10 gallons the tank is 7/8 of the tank. Calculate the capacity of the fish tank.(26.66)

7.) Mr. X, Mr. Y, Mr. Z collect Rs. 1,00,000 in the ratio of 2:3:5. Can U say how much extra money is given by Mr. Z than Mr. X? (30,000)

8.) One boy is having some coins and after adding 10z coin the boy is now having (5y-1) times of the coin he had at the beginning. Calculate the coins the boy had initially in terms of y & z. (2z/y)

9.) A shopkeeper gives a discount of 20% on the sale. By what percent he had to increase the S.P of the item so that after giving discount he got the price of the its C.P.

10.) A man holds 13th position from the first and 13th position from the last. How many participant were there in the completion. (25)

11.) A fashion designer and sold it to retailer at the profit of 40% and retailer sold it customer at a profit of 25%.Can u say how much extra money paid by the customer from the cost manufacturing. Calculate the price in percentage.

12.) A taxi driver charges 1.75$ for first quarter of mile and then charges 15 cents for each quarter. How much distance can be covered in 4.9$. (5.4 mile)

13.) Out of 170 baseball player 95 were right handed. Can u calculate the percent of players who were not right handed.

14.) 8 eggs were identical except one is lighter. How many times we have to weight to find out to find out the lighter. (3)

15.) Out of 35 students if the ratio of the girls to boys is 4:3. Then by what number the girls are more than boys. (5)

GD Topics:

1.) Should cold drinks be band in India or not.

2.) Westernization

3.) Reservation

Technical Interviews:

Questions related to C,C++, projects and general HR question….