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Indian Navy Placement Papers.

On this page we bring you the complete details of Indian Navy placement papers, and Group Discussions. If you have questions, please do post them in the comments section. The SimplyFreshers community will surely answer it for you.

The Indian Navy is the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces.

Indian Navy Group Discussion Topics

1. Naxalism.
2. Nuclear reactors in India
3. Is it good to quit nuclear reactors in India like Germany?
4. An alternative source of energy other than nuclear reactors.
5. The nuclear agreement with U.S.
6. The nuclear agreement with Russia.
7. Does Nuclear head of Pakistan a threat to India
8. World Peace.
9. Pros and Cons of Science.
10. Increase in technology increases life span of man’s life
11. Compulsory Army training.
12. 33% reservation for Women.
13. Youth in politics

14. Unemployment in India
15. An alternative source of fuel.
16. Role of press in India
17. Permanent seat in UNO for India
18. Permanent seat in G8 for India
19. India the superpower by Defense or Agriculture.
20. India in Space Research
21. The success rate of wind power and solar energy for power.
22. Computer and its pros and cons.
23. The Internet and its pros and cons.
24. T-20 cricket changes the cricket style.
25. Which is best Test match of T-20
26. Important of Sex Education.
27. Common syllabus for School in India
28. Common Entrance test
29. Ragging in college good or bad.
30. Wearing helmet at a road.
31. Should India improve its defence technology or not.
32. Who saves the nation more Police or Army.
33. BPO jobs in India.
34. Love marriage or Arranged marriage.
35. Co-Education in India.
36. Number one state in India – The Gujarat.
37. Removing of Alcoholism is a revenue loss for India.
38. Government bars in states of India is good or bad.
39. The population of India.
40. Child growth is influenced by Friends, Teachers and Parents?

Question Paper of the Aptitude Test of the Indian Navy the Question Paper is As Follow

1) CAE, HFJ, MKO, RPT, ?

2) 12, 26, 54, 110, ?
(A) 223
(B) 222
(C) 220
(D) 225

3) 2, 3, 10, 15, ?
(A) 25
(B) 26
(C) 24
(D) 30

4) Jamal was born on Feb. 29, 1988.How many birthdays will be celebrated up to 29-2-2004 ?
(A) 4 (B) 5
(C) 8 (D) 16

5) Ram is elder than Shyam. Lakshman is elder than Shyam, but younger than Ram. Hanuman is younger than both Hari and Shyam. Shyam is elder than Hari. Who is the youngest ?
(A) Ram
(B) Lakshman
(C) Hanuman
(D) Hari

6) If FAITH is coded as 82731, HABITis coded as 12573 and HEALTH is coded as 192431, how can BELIEF be coded as ?
(A) 594598
(B) 594789
(C) 594978
(D) 594798

7) Vikash said, “That boy is the grandson of my mother’s husband. I have no brother and sister.” How is the boy related to Vikash ?
(A) Uncle
(B) Son
(C) Nephew
(D) Cousin

8) In a class, Karthik’s rank is 17th from the top and 28th from the bottom. How many students are there in the class ?
(A) 45 (B) 41
(C) 40 (D) 44

9) If 228 = 12 and 337 = 16, then 569 = ?
(A) 42
(B) 39
(C) 36
(D) 26

10) Raju is facing North. He goes 35 metres ahead, turns left and walk 20 metres.He turns right and covers 25 metres,then turns right to cover 30 metres. In which direction is he heading ?
(A) North
(B) South
(C) East
(D) West

Select the correct verb
Q1. Besides his parents, he _________also present at the function.
(A) is
(B) was
(C) has
(D) has been
Ans: B

Identify the correct preposition
Q2. The thunder was accompanied ______a heavy rain.
(A) from
(B) by
(C) up
(D) through
Ans: B

Q3. Choose the misspelt word.
(A) disparity
(B) illusion
(C) inevitable
(D) middle
Ans :A

Fill in the blank with correct article.
Q4. _____things of beauty is a joy forever.
(A) the
(B) a
(C) an
(D) none of these
Ans: A

Identify the antonym of the given word
Q.5 Embellish
(A) Sacrifice
(B) Disfigure
(C) Foreit
(D) Indict
Ans: B

Give one word substitute
Q6. A well experienced person.
(A) wise man
(B) Intelligent
(C) Old man
(D) Veteran
Ans: D

Q7. An accident which results in death
(A) Injurious
(B) Dangerous
(C) Fatal
(D) Terrible
Ans: C

Identify the correct choice
Q8. He has purchased a bag of ____________
(A) floor
(B) flour
(C) flower
(D) flaur
Ans: B

Identify the synonym of the given word
Q9. Zest
(A) pleasure
(B) distaste
(C) flop
(D) encircles
Ans: A

Fill in the blank with suitable conjunction
Q10. He will never pass,______hard he may try
(A) However
(B) Whatever
(C) Never
(D) Whenever
Ans: A

Form an adjective from the given word
Q11. Gold
(A) The Gold
(B) Golder
(C) Golden
(D) Goldest
Ans: C

Give the plural of the given word
Q12. Hero
(A) Heroine
(B) Heros
(C) Heroies
(D) Heroes
Ans: D

Fill in the blank with suitable word
Q13. Barking dogs____bite
(A) regularly
(B) rarely
(C) seldom
(D) frequently
Ans: C

Identify the incorrect part
No boy
(A) / in his son’s class(B) / is as bright (C) / as his son is (D)
Ans: D

Identify the meaning of the given idioms/phrases
Q15. To live in fool’s paradise
(A) to have an absolutely false conception
(B) to create a stir
(C) to be clear
(D) to get fairly involved
Ans: A

Identify the indirect speech
Q16. The teacher said to me, “Be regular and learn your lesson daily”
The teacher:

(A) told me that to be regular and learn my lesson daily
(B) said to me regular and learn my lesson daily
(C) advised me to be regular and learn my lesson daily
(D) request me to be regular and learn lesson daily
Ans: C

Change the voice
Q17. It is time to buy books.
It is time__________
(A) all the books to be bought
(B) for the books to be bought
(C) for books have been bought
(D) for books are being bought
Ans: B


Indian Navy General Knowledge (GK) Questions

  1. Who is known as the father of Indian army? Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence
  2. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Army ? Answer: Major Stringer Lawrence
  3. 1st Indian to became Commander in Chief of Army? Answer: Km kariyappa
  4. Who is known as Kipper ? Answer: Km Kariyappa
  5. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian air force in Independent India ? Answer: Thomas Walker Elmhirs
  6. Who is the first commander in chief of Indian Navy ? Answer: R D Kathari
  7. Who is the commander in chief of Indian army when India got independence ? Answer: Robert Lockhart
  8. Which is India’s first and only military base outside Indian territory ? Aanswer: Farkhor Air Base (Tajikistan)
  9. Who is the first Field Marshal (highest rank in the Indian Army) of Independent India ? Answer: Sam Manekshaw
  10. In which year Indian air force established ? Answer: October 8th, 1932
  11. Indian Army Day observed on ? Answer: January 15
  12. Indian Airforce Day observed on ? Answer: October 8
  13. Indian Navy Day observed on ? Answer: December 4
  14. Which is the largest Cantonment (military area) in India ? Answer: Bathinda (and in Asia also)
  15. India’s first Nuclear submarine? Answer: INS Arihant

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