Indian Space Research Organisation Placement Paper

Company: Indian Space Research Organisation

9. A processor that has c,arry, overflow and sign flag bits as part of its program status word (PSW}performs addition of the following two 2′s complement numbers 01001101 and 11101001. After the execution of this addition operation, the status of the carry, overflow and sign flags, respectively will be
a 1,1,0
b 1,0,0
c 0,1,0
d 1,0,1
10. The two numbers given below are multiplied using the Booth’s algorithm.
Multiplicand: 0101 1010 1110 1110
Multiplier : 0111 01111011 1101
How many additions/Subtractions are required for the multiplication of the above two numbers?
a 6
b 8
c 10
d 12

11. The addition of 4-bit, two’s complement, binary numbers 1101 and 0100 results in
a 0001 and an overflow
b 1001 and no overflow
c 0001 and no overflow
d 1001 and an overflow

12. Which of the flowing statements about relative addressing mode is FALSE?
a It enables reduced instruction size
b It allows indexing of array element with same instruction
c It enables easy relocation of data
d It enables faster address calculation than absolute addressing

13. Substitution of values for names (whose values are constants) is done in
a Local optimization
b Loop optimization
c Constant folding
d Strength reduction

Indian Space Research Organisation Placement Paper

About Indian Space Research Organisation

The Indian Space Research Organisation or is the national space agency of India, headquartered in Bengaluru. It operates under Department of Space which is directly overseen by the Prime Minister of India, while Chairman of ISRO acts as executive of DOS as well..visit offical website of Indian Space Research Organisation for more details.

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