Company: Informatica Business Solutions Pvt Ltd

WRITTEN TEST : Technical : 75 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The written test was pretty much simple. It was in 2 parts:1. MCQs and 2. Coding. In MCQs, there were questions on only Data Structures and Algorithms. In the coding part, there were 15 questions of coding and debugging.


It was conducted in 2 rounds. Students selected in round 1 were interviewed for the second round.

1. Design a File System based on some corresponding database where from you can query (using SQL) and get the same output as you would have got from the data base and then transform the result in XML. He asked me to present an abstract design not very detailed. I drew block diagrams and explained it to him.

2. Write a C++ program to shuffle a given record stored in a file so that the resulting output is random. Optimize it so that each time the program produces a different output.

3. Suggest a database table structure having 3 entities:
a. Flight type
b. FLight No.
c. Pilots
There could be millions of flight type. Each type may contain several flight numbers. a pilot can fly several types of flights. There will be queries like return all the flight nos. flown by a given pilot or no. of pilots flying a given type of flight.


The HR interviewer asked me some typical HR questions:
Favorite subjects? Hobbies?
Why do you want to join our company.
Why do you think you are creative?
Why do you want to go for development?
What is your biggest regret in life?
Other than this which company did you sit for?
Why weren’t you selected in that company?(Answer this very carefully!)

Then they asked me to ask them any questions to them. I asked them about the work culture, what kind of projects will I be working on, the best product of the company etc.


Question in the technical interviews were mainly design and deveopment based rather than subject specific. The interviewer was mainly looking for your thought process, how you comprehend the problem at hand and your reasoning.


Since it is a Data Integration company, a sound concept of Data warehouse is advised though I wasn’t asked any question on that. Java and JDBC were also asked from my friends. I you have done some application or web project, that would be of great help. All the best.