Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

I am Shwetha Agarwal, Infosys came in our college on 23rd December 2010. They gave presentation in our college 1 month ago.

Test started at 9 am. First we fill the application form then test started around 9:30.

Total candidates: 406

Cleared written round: 134

Cleared Interview: 100

Aptitude Test Consist of 2 sections:

1. Logical Rasoning
2. English

Logical Reasoning was an easy paper 30 questions 40 minutes.

1. First five questions on visual reasoning (very easy).
Find odd figure out

2. 5 questions on Cubes
a cube of 10 cm is painted in red color and 2cm strip by green color. This cube is divided into 125 small cubes. So, find out.

* Cube having 3 face red
* Cube having no color
* Cube having green color as a face, etc

3. 5 questions on Data sufficiency.

Each problem consists of a problem followed by two statements. Decide whether the data in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Select your answer according to whether.

(A) Any one statement alone is sufficient to answer
(B) both statements taken together are sufficient to answer the question, but neither statement alone is sufficient
(c) each statement alone is sufficient
(D) statements 1 and 2 together are not sufficient, and additional data is needed to answer the question

(I don’t Remember Exact values)
1) What is profit?
Statement 1 20% of cp=10% of sp
Statement 2 30% of cp – 20% of sp=2.5

2) length of tangent?
Statement 1 Radius of circle is 10 cm.
Statement 2 the sides of triangle containing circle has same length, etc.

4. 5 questions on a puzzle A,B,C,D,E,F,G faculty members. In which 3 lady members & 4 phd holders. They teach 1 subject each as economics, physics, commerce, law, zoology, math.

Give some conditions.
Then find out

i) The lady having phd.
ii) Which of foll. Combination is wrong.
iii) G is teaching which sub.?, etc.
5] Next five questions on Data interpretation

Two graphs are given one has revenue and second may b sales.
calculation of profit between diff years, % profit, etc

6. 5 questions on logical relation

5 statements are given then in options group of 3 sentence is given.
Our task is to find out correct logical relation bet them.

a) Egg has high protein
b) Breakfast should contain protein
c) Lunch should hav carbohydrates
d) Eggs are not proper for lunch
e) Human diet should be proper, etc

a) Abc b) cde c)abe, etc

In this solve figures first then puzzle, if comfortable with cubes then cubes or data sufficiency, then relations & at last solve DI coz calculations are lengthy.

(Use R.S. Aggarwal reasoning book

Don’t do any puzzles of Shakuntla devi and all, not required.)

English paper (40 questions, 35 mins) not so much difficult.

i) 10 questions on Identify the errors

ii) 10 questions on correcting underlined sentences

iii) In each question, a part of sentence is printed in italics. Below each sentence, some phrases are given which can substitute the italicized part of the sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, the answer is ‘No correction required’

E.g. He gave the I.A.S. examination in all seriousness.

A. appeared B. took C. undertook D. No Correction required

iv) 5 questions on fill in the blanks

1) IE is a ——

* Search engine
* Internet browser

2) A man unable to sleep at ni8 having a chronic disorder—-

* Amnesia
* Insomnia, etc
Passage 1 (5 questions) Gandhi’s passage very easy you can easily find out answers.
Passage 2 (5 questions) Economy of India. Easy one…

(Solve fill in blanks, then sentence correction. Etc. at last solve passage as they are lengthy.)

2:45 pm (Candidates shortlisted for interview) Once you are shortlisted, believe me there are very less chances of you being rejected just be confident.

3:00 pm my Interview (I’m first person send to interview)

Me: May I come in, sir.
HR: Yes, Please.

HR: Was an aged person, but very nice otherwise.

(Did shake hand with him)
(He has my resume, mark sheets, aptitude answer sheet, applicaton which I filled before aptitude)

HR: Okay! He asked u’r hometown?
Me: told.

HR: why u came here in Pune.
Me: Told

HR: How can you say that you can work individually?
Me: Told

HR: How can you say that you can work in group?
Me: Told
(I did a project in Research Methodology)

HR: Tell me abt dis project & your role in it.
HR: (about my hobby photography. Which camera I have, etc )
Me: Told.

HR: Any Questions?
Me: Asked.

Interview ran for about 15 mins. In interview, they will ask about your project, and one general question based on your resume. They just check your confidence and your communication skills. Don’t lose eye contact when you answer.

At 8:15 pm. Infosys head of HR department comes and start making announcements. I got selected.

Infosys Technologies Ltd Placement Paper & Interview

About Infosys Technologies Ltd

Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore..visit offical website of Infosys Technologies Ltd for more details.

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