Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd


Total students appeared for Written= 480
Selected for HR= 76
Final selection= 54
First of all, they gave a PPT, dat was really fantastic….
After PPT written exam started. It included 2 sections:
Critical reasoning: 30 questions in 40 mins
1) 5 questions from reasoning- easy (3 cards are given to each of five persons A, B, C, D, E. then some conditions were given n 5 ques were asked based on dat)
2) 5 questions from Data sufficiency- very easy
3) 5 questions from Data Interpretation- okay
4) 5 questions from logical reasoning- very very easy( 5 persons A,B,C,D,E. some conditions were given showing dere relation with banks and 5 states U,V,W,X,Y. then 5 questions were asked)
5) 5 quesions frm syllogism- easy (eg. 5 sentences were given – den four options were given. 1)abc 2)dea 3) cda 4)bce choose d option which shows correct combination of sentences)
6) 5 questions frm series(choose correct 4th figure)
Verbal: 40 questions in 35 mins
this part was really tough, as like CAT paper and needs preparations a lot…no synonyms and antynyms…
1) 2 passages(each one n half page long) each having 5 questions. like What u infer from the passage?
one sentence was given, wat u infer frm this?, etc
2)5 questions (choose correct sentence frm given 4 options)
3)5 questions (fill correct tenses)
4)5 questions (some part of sentence was underlined. frm options choose the idiom which can replace the underlined part)
5)some small passages were given and each having same question-Wat u infer (or theme) from the above passage?
they took HR twice for 15-20 students may be due to sum doubt. mine was taken twice.1st time: i was called at arnd 2PM. a lady of arnd 40 yrs age with a smile always on her face, took my interview.
Me: May i come in mam.
HR: Yes, come in
ME: good afternoon mam..
Hr: good afternoon. take the seat.(she asked for my resume. saw it 4 arnd 2 sec..smiled n said- flexibility n adability..nice)
HR: so Deepak, did u showed leadership in any form in ur life
ME: said.
HR: did any situation irritated u while doing leadership?
Me: yes mam.
HR: how u overcame dat?
Me: said
HR: anywhere else did u showed leadership?
Me: yes mam..recently one event held in our clg by our department. i was among the organising team and also, i was volunteer in the Paper Presentation.
HR: k..did u ever faced any difficult situation?
Me: yes mam(and explained abt it. never say NO. atleast tell abt 1 difficult situation)
HR: tell an example where u showed innovative skill?
Me: said
HR: ok..nice…do u have any questions to ask?
Me: yes mam…wat according to our conversation u feel, on which areas i shud concentrate more to improve myself?
HR: sory deepak. we cant say this anything right now..if u r selected then u ll be informed…
(might she thought dat i asked abt technical areas)
Then they called me again 4 2nd interview…this time the Head HR took my interview. a guy, arnd 30 yrs of age with a smile on his face. all Hr’s were frank.
Me: May i come in sir
HR: come in
ME: good evening sir..
Hr: good evening(and he stood and had a firm handshake with me, then said) take the seat.
Hr: deepak make urself comfortable. are you feeling nervous?
Me: yes sir, a bit nervous.
HR: why? is this ur first interview?
Me: yes sir..and secondly i am at the door of my dream company.
HR: why Infosys is ur dream company?
Me: because it is among the India’s top companies..
HR: yes, i knw dat…anything special…
Me: yes sir…infosys was started by Mr. N.R. Narayan Murthy with six other members in a small building and nw it is d most reputed company…and secondly frm my Ist year onwards, I was thinking of infosys only…
HR: k.. tell me abt urself which is not written in resume n not mentioned in the form?
Me: i am amicable person and luv to interact with diff people. i like the honest person. i am ready to accept any of the challenges given to me.
HR: ok.. u have mentioned abt C and C++ as ur area of interest. so may i ask u questions in C++.
Me: yes sir.
HR: Are u sure and confident…(2-3 times he asked this, and then said)..k…i was just checking u..
HR: in which programming language u r more confident?
Me: C language.
HR: k…then tell what is the necessity of pointers in C language explicitly or implicitly? can’t we have C language without the pointers?
Me: explained
HR: Tell a real time example where we can return multiple values by pointers…
Me: said
HR: (in my resume Flexibility was written as my strenght, so he asked)Tell how u r flexible?
Me: I am flexible both by work place and learning new programming language. i can work anywhere in India and abroad. i knw C language which is the basic of all the programming language, so i can easily learn new other languages.
HR: tell me 2 reasons not to select Infosys?
Me: (i thought for 4-5 seconds, then said)sorry sir, i couldnt find any reason not to select for career also i have to go for infosys…
Hr: tell me one situation, where u was not successful?
Me: when i participated in ‘The Great Mind Challenge’ competition conducted by IBM. i learnt Servelets and HTML for dat project, but couldnt learn DB2 completely, so the project couldnt be completed..
HR: u have any questions to ask?
Me: yes sir… as per our conversation wat u think, on which areas i shud concentrate more to improve myself?
HR: U r fine…just the accent problem…else everything good…
Me: thanku sir…
HR: k…now u can leave (and he again had handshake with me)….
Me: thanku sir…
(mainly they check for FLEXIBILITY, LEADERSHIP and INNOVATIVE skill. If u hav these or can prove this then u r through infosys.)