Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

Hai guys,

I am kris and I have attended Interview on Dec 20 in Bangalore. This is my interview experience. The Interview was cool. Two persons interviewed me. It lasted for about 20 minutes.

Here are the questions
1) Tell me about yourself which is not there in your resume.
2) strengths
3) Tell me briefly about your project.
4) How do you update yourself on current affairs.
5) How do you like to make decisions when you are in a team.
6) Puzzles-
compute 100 from digits 1 to 9 by using them in the same order not more than once.
7) Puzzle-
Place 4 trees equidistantly from each other.
Ans)in the shape of pyramid.

Just be confident and active. Give answers honestly and remember not to tell any lies and confirm what is there in your resume as they ask questions only from it.
All the best guys.

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