Company: Infosys

Hi Everyone,
On 26th September we had infosys placement which is a pool drive consisting of three colleges and there were about 700 members. I felt very nervous after seeing the crowd. Our reporting time was 8.00 a.m and eligibility criteria was 68% candidates having less than 68% were not allowed to write written even if You have 67.99% because one of my friend had 67.83% and was not allowed. We were informed to have a pre-placement talk but due to some reason at 10 pm we were sent to write the written test.the written test followed same pattern .two papers were given to us

* Logical and Reasoning
* Verbal-English

First we were to solve analytical and reasoning paper consisting of 30 Question to be solved in 40 mints. Then these papers were collected and verbal paper was given which contained 40 Question to be solved in 35 min and were collected . The analytical and logical reasoning Question were from verbal and non verbal reasoning by R.S.Agarwal. There were Question on pick the odd figure out (very easy), 2 puzzles (very easy but time taking), syllogism (also easy), data sufficiency very easy needs simple preparation from quantitative by R.S.Agarwal), data interpretation (easy and lengthy .a table was given and 5 Question were asked on it)

Coming to the second paper
Verbal (not easy) but models were from objective general English by R.S.Agarwal.the questions were on following sections
Choose any correct sentence(4 of same options were given with little changes and we have to choose appropriate one) about 8ques were given.
Correct the underlined (about 8 Question were given)
Complete the sentences(8ques extremely easy)
Short passage(8 Question were given)
Long passage(8 Question were given)

After written round we had pre placement talk hr presented everything about the company and he showed us two videos regarding infy campus which were very good the talk was for a period of 40 Mints approximately.

At 2.30 written test results were announced and luckily my name was announced (out of 700 only 134 cleared written test–in our Total out of 300 appprox 45 cleared written ,be careful cut off was not announced it could be more than 60%)

HR Round started at 4.00 and mine was at 5.00pm I was made to wait outside the cabin for half an hour and I was sent in there was only one interviewer in all panels. My interviewer was an middle aged Man I guess about 40 years.

Me: Opened the door slightly and asked may I come in sir (I forgot to close the door)

HR: Come in (I was about to approach him he said me to closed the door with a serious look)

Me: (Got Tensed closed the door very silently and approached him) I said “good evening sir” politely (he did not even look at my face)

HR: Have your seat (he said this by looking at my documents)

Me: Thank you sir.

HR: (seriously)so Mr. Hari can u tell me about the projects You have done mini and major projects and your achievements and also fests You organized.

Me: Told for about 5 mints.

HR: So,can You tell me about your family background.

Me: Told in a simple way (I said were four and soon about their occupations—completed say in less than 2 mints (do not be in a hurry speak clearly))

HR: Ok,what about your major project?

Me: Sir, We have it in next semester

HR: hmmm….so did you do anchoring Mr .Hari?

Me: No Sir but organized a contest in our college and described about it

HR: What are your hobbies?

Me: Told (About 3 say what ever u have written in your resume)

HR: (He looked my papers once again) Ok Mr. Hari You may leave now

Me: Thank you sir

About 9.00pm Interviews for all completed. and results were announced at 10 pm (I got very tensed) and my name was announced from last four in our cool list. I felt over joyed as I conquered whole world.

Thanks to my parents, teachers, god and and freshersworld with which it could have not been possible for me.Prepare well (give atleast time of 2 weeks to get in infosys concentrate more on verbal because most of my friends said they have done analytical extremely well and verbal not properly done…finally manage your time properly which is only way u can answer all questions attempt all since there was no negative marking).

All the Best. See you at infosys