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Hello frds,

I gave my Infy exam on Jan17,07. It was a computer based online test.

Logical Reasoning – 30Ques- 40mins
Test of English -40 Ques- 35mins

(Make note of the timings nd no. of questions coz I guess dey were diff previously)

Logical Reasoning::

1 Puzzle problem (5 sub ques) – (Verbal Reasoning-RS agarwal puzzle test chapter)

1 ques on cube (5 sub ques) – (Non-Verbal Reasoning-RS agarwal cubes and dice chapter)

1 ques on Data Interpretation (5 sub ques) – (Quant Aptitude- RS Agarwal Data Interpretation section II)

5 ques on Data Sufficiency – Math xpressions followed by 2 conditions nd they ask u wch conditions r required 1 or 2 or both or none

5 ques on Series – (Non-Verbal Reasoning-RS agarwal series chapter 1)

5 ques on syllogism – (Verbal reasoning – II part logical reasoning der r 9 rules 2 come to a conclusion from given sentences, read all of them, I dont remember the xact chapter no. ;also in syllogism we r given 6 sentences out of wch we shud choose the best meaningful 3, this type is not der in this book tho techniques are covered )

The chapters I mention adjacent 2 da type of question were wat I referred and thought helped me for answering those sections, neways der r several other quant n reasonings books u may refer

Also, Blood relations and number, time, sequence chapter in Rs agarwal verbal reasoning r important tho we didn’t get ny ques.

Very easy if u have good grammar u;ll get thru easily, reading comprehensions were pretty ok but try 2 solve at da end.

With God’s grace I cleared my written.


There were 2ppl aged bot 25yrs, male and female…. absolutely cool interview I had it was like talking 2 frds, Ques askd were- Tell be bot urself, y software?(I was 4m ece), future plams, y infosys? ,ny 3 recent IT developments, an easy puzzle, wat did u do after engg? hobbies, n if i had ny ques 4m em.. I askd wen cud I xpect a mail 4m their side, they told me we’ll let u kno in 3-4 weeks.

Waiting 4 the email 4m their side guys……do pray 4 me…’ll cerainly help u! Do pray 2 God, Cracking the xam is all bot learning techniques and then luck!!

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