Infosys Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

I attended the Infosys test on 23 September 2007 at Chennai. For entry level software professionals (experienced hires). The test was relatively simpler (50 marks, 10 question and 60 minutes) and there was no verbal test.

The test was followed by technical interview and HR next day.

I have written the questions that I remember. Only 12 people got selected and I was not one among them..

The questions

1) Seller arranges apples when he arranges 3 in row 1 apple extra similarly for 5, 7 and 9. When 11 apples in a row no extra apples were left. Find no of apples present.

2) A group cow graces at farm land growing at equal speed
40 cows take 40 days
30 cows take 60 days
How much the 20 cow takes to empty the field….

3) how many bees, when one-fifth goes to flower 1, one-third goes to flower 2 and 5 times The difference of f1 and f2 goes to flower3 and 1 travel between f1 and f2

4) Two ice-skaters start from opposite direction and must reach the others starting point. Sketer s1 with the help of wind finished the race in 2 1/2 with a difference of 6 min. find the racing time for s1 and s2.

5) Person 1 ask person 2 what was the weather for Past 5 days, person 2 says he does not remember but the temperature was product of 12, assuming the degree where whole number find the temperature.

6) 5 students a,b,c,d,e speak 5 languages English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French
1) b,c speak English and change to Spanish when d arrives
2) Set of conditions….
Portuguese is spoken by 3 people and Spanish by most of them
1 student speak all 5 language, 1 student speak 4 language, 1 student speak 3 language, 1 student speak 2 language, 1 student speak ONLY ONE language, and answer the set of questions (8 marks)

7) In a race 3 tribe people participate T1 people speak truth, T2 people speak false, T3 speak truth and false alternatively. And set of statement speak and we must find who said which sentence, tribe names where soran, noren and …

8) A murder happens 6 people (names given) where present victim, murder, judge, policeman, witness and hang man
a set of condition given. We must find out, who are

9) A tuck can hold 12 gallons of fuel and can run for 25 m per gallon. After start the fuel leaks through the hole in the tank. The truck comes to halt after traveling at 50 m per hour for 4 hrs. Find the fuel lost thought the hole.

10) a pirate comes home after 6 years, when h left the home his son was 5 times his age and now he is three times his age and when the son is twice the age, he will twice more than him. what was the age of pirate when his son was born

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Infosys Placement Paper

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