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hi, thanks to god
thank u to freshers world i attented the interview at chennai michaels academy on 7 jan 07 .fortunatley i got selected and and cleared all the rounds and asked to join training at mysore on 29th jan

the aptitude test was simple consisting of six questions.

1. a cube prob 15 cm cut into 3cm and opp sides are painted with black ,green and yellow . many cubes have three sides painted.
ans. 27

ii. how many cubes have two sides painted .
ans . 36

iii. how many cubes with one side painted

iv. how many cubes with no side painted.

v. how many cubes with different colour sides painted.( question a ggogly)
ans .8

formula is no of cuts = n
no side = n-2 power 3
one side = n-2 power 2 muliply 6
two side = n-2 multiply 12
three side = 8 .

2. a non verbal reasonoing prob diagram from r.s.agarwal pls go thro all the diagrams in that book . 5 marks is in your hand sure question. sufficiency simple questions r.s.agarwal

4. data intepretation
simple but length so no time to solve refer time cat material

5.very simple relations question just draw the flow chart you will get the answer

6. out of five or six statements select the statements in correct order

the best way to solve is read the options and eliminate the other choices very simple question english very easy but pls go thro barrons its from there they same questions even the options r same after getting selected out of 855 121 were selected for hr round

1. how did u prepare for infy test my marks were very high
2. what will u do if ur cm of your state.
3. what will u do to prevent people coming from villages to city
4. two puzzles very simple 16 12 2 3 = 99 prove using any arithmetic logic simple but i didnt ans
i had a brain drain 16 root 4 *12 =48 * 2 = 96 + 3 = 99 .

as soon as i came out i got the ans
abt infy whos ceo wht was the major event in infy recently 25 years completion

after they told me that they will reply at the end of three weeks i got afraid was only praying to god . but god is great and with blessings from all the elders and well wishses from my juniors. i got reply after one week .

Anand Bajoria

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