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hi i hav given infy test on 7th jan.paper was very easy.
Quant was very simple.out of thirty ques i had attepted 28 question. u sud focus only on DiI and cubic type question .rest was so easy.
one thing is solve some figure question from r.s.agrawal.

English part was lengthy.

i want give a suggestion to those person whom grammer is not very god. they sud always give some time on passage.becoz passage was lenthy but was very easy.if u solve pasage there wil very less chance of mistake. but in grammer there was so minute error that u may not be confirmed .i had done all of 40 question of english.i had cleared the test and gave interview on next day.
interview was simple but u sud prepare abt all things related to u abd ur college life.

best of luck to u.

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