Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

hi frends,im anupam, n attended infosys test on 7 jan 07.
here is my experience- writtent test includes
Aptitude, 30 45 min.
English,40 30 min.

so improve ur speed specially for english ,they first screen english paper for short listing

a)5 que on cubes based problem, 1 cube 15 cm long ,cut into 3cm each side,painted with 3 diff.color,on 3 opp.side,how many cubes no painted,1 painted,2 painted…

b)5 ques.on fig.series.wat comes next fig .from d choices,

c)5 que.on data sufficiency,eg-statement-p*p-1 divisible by 4, A p>2, B p is a prime number, so u have to answer ,if A alone is suffi.,B alone is Suffi. or both require or none suffi….

d)4 que.on data interpretation, a table was given, having some value, n formula is given to find average, so 4 que.asked on it

e)4 que. based on a blood relation based puzzle

f) 5 que.based on syllogism ie; logical order there may be some ques.misini  attempted 24 ques.out of 30,left di completely as the formula was confusing n i scored 17 out of it

a)2 passage n 10 ques.based on them
b)4 ques.on sentence correction
c)5 ques based on 5 para, deducting conclusion from para
d)5 ques.on fill in the blank,choosing options
some more ques.
i attemted 35 ques.n scored 29
i cleared written, interw.1 day later.
i faced 2 rnd,both simple hr,no puzzle,no technical.,no project,just ques.from resume,ur hobbies,strenghs,ur home town,home state,ur job profile(as im working)

tips- just follow rs agrw.verb n non verb for puzz, n series ques..n some cat material for di,ds,n syllogism, also read shakuntala devi for puzzle during they sk puzz.from it only to some,be cool,confident n good communication say watever u feel,true false but with a reason,be flexible, introspect ur self,

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