Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

Hello friends,I am Rohit kumar.i took INFOSYS written test on 7th Jan, consisted of 30 logical & 40 english questions.there were mainly 6 questions in logical section each having 5 ques contained in it & time limit for it was 45 mins. & that for English section was 30 mins.when u will enter the room they will ask u to fill a form in 30 mins.& then they will give u the paper.The questions were like this.

Aptitude-30 questions(45 mins.)

1. 5 que on cubes based problem, 1 cube 15 cm long ,cut into 3cm each side,painted with 3 diff.color,on 3 opp.side,how many cubes are there with no sides painted,1 side painted,2 sides painted,3side painted,3 sides painted with diff. colours…
2. 5 ques.on fig.series.wat comes next fig .from d choices,
3. 5 que.on data interpretation, a table was given, having some value, n formula is given to find average, so 5 que.asked on it
4. there was 5 ques based on blood relation type problems.
5. 5 que.on data sufficiency, Is the qusarilateral ABCD a square
a.its 2 opp.sides are parallel.
b.its non-parallel sides are equal. And options were
a. only a is sufficient to answer
b.only b is sufficient to answer
c. either of them r sufficient.
d.both r needed to answer.
e.neither of them r sufficient. i had to choose one of the options.and 4 more questions were like this.

6. 5 que.based on syllogism ie; logical order

like A.some grapes r orange.

B.all oranges r not guava.

C.some guavas r grapes.

D.some guavas r not bananas.

E.some bananas r oranges.

And options were a.ABE b.BDE. c.BCE d.EBD

And 4 more ques. like this.
Follow R.S.Agarwal verbal & non-verbal & any of the aptitude book for DS & DI.

English-40 questions(30 mins.)
a)2 passage n 10 ques.based on them

b)5 ques.on sentence correction

c)5 ques based on 5 para, deducting conclusion from para

d)5 ques.on fill in the blank,choosing options

e) 5 ques.on finding incorrect sentence.

some more ques. Follow any of the grammer books for this section.And if u r familiar with a little bit of grammer ,u will be through this section.but speed is first most make a habit of reading fastly.i hv followed English is Easy & wren &martin for this portion.

I cleared the written test & my intrview was scheduled on 9th Jan. at 11a.m.


When I reached there,there was some kind of verification & then I was sent to yhr panel.

There were 2 persons M(male),F(female).interview was like this

Me: may I come in sir.

M: yes, come in.

Me: good morning mam, good morning sir.

M: good morning,sit down

Me: thank u sir.

M: give me a copy of ur resume.

Me: gave him my resume.ther was a photo pasted on it.

M: d u paste photo on ur every resume.

Me: yes sir.

M: expensive method.ok,what was ur scheduled time.

Me: it was 11a.m.

N: so ,wht u were doing till now.(I was sent to the panel at 11:35a.m.)

Me: mam,i was preparing myself for the interview & setting my mind.

N: so,have u said anything to ur mind .if so .what.

Me: yes mam.i hv sid to my mind to behave professionally here & be loud.

M: Loud?do u think that u r not loud.

Me: my friends say so sir.

N:s o, d u think u r loud enough here.

Me: yes mam ,I think so.

M: ok .what?s ur typical day like?

Me: I told them my daily routine.they some questions frm that also.i answered them.

N: gave me a paper & pen.& asked a was like this

These were five squares with each side made of a stick.she asked me if I can rerrange any of the 2 sticks to make 4 squares of equal sizes.

Me: I answered her no,it can?t be done &explained it as well.

N: how will u calculate the volume of this room.

Me: I answered it.

N: how will find the required no. of bricks to make these 4 walls.

Me: I answerd her.she was trying to confuse me on this.but I kew that I was right.

M: what?s ur hobby.

Me: my hobbies r net surfing & traveling.

N: where hv u traveled so far.

Me: I told them the name of the places i hv travelled so far.

N: can u name any 2 north-east states.

Me: its jharkhand & bihar,mam.

N: no,I said north ?east.

Me: mam,first one is assam &another one is tripura.

N:d u read news paper.

Me: yes mam ,I read TOI.

M: what are the latest news.

Me: I said ,moninder singh pandher at nithari village & saddam?s hanging r the latest news.

N: ok.d u want to do post graduation.

Me: no mam.i m not interested in doing any PG courses.i want to make a successful carreer in software sector.

M: ok,d u want to ask any question.

Me: sir,wht will be my carreer growth prospects at infosys.

M: he explained me.

Me: what is market capitalization.

M: u will get the answer on google.

Me: when can I expect to hear from ur side.

M: within 2 or 3 weeks.

M: any more questions.

Me: no sir.

M: ok,u can go now.

Me : thank u sir ,thank u mam & shook hands with them.

Then I left the panel & was said to wait in a room.when I was on stairs ,they calledme back & took some sign besides my percentages.& asked if I had any relatives at INFOSYS .i said them ,no.

After waiting for some time,I with 2 other candidates were asked to return home.& some other candidates were having HR round as well. It was really very easy interview .i returned meerut & got the offer letter on16th January,2007.i want to thank those who posted their experience before b?coz it helped me a lot in preparation for the exam.



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