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Hi to all!

I took the infy test yesterday itself….m a Final yr B.Tech student with IT as my field!
Unfortunately i couldn’t make to thru Infy written test, D ppr was acc. to the latest pattrn which i came to kno abt frm this site itself…pretty easy, that is! I kno that i had done well in both the sections but still cant understand y i wasnt selected…..I was really disappointed!!! Still i would like to share my experiences wid the rest of u folks. The English section was pretty simple…it had sentences with missing phrases….n also the basic sentence correction….it had two 200 words passages with 5 Q each on them! Also it had Qs asking us to choose the best grammatically correct sentence out of given options! I had attempted 25-16 Qs out of 30, and was quite sure abt all of them! I fell short of time to b able to attempt remaining 3-4 Qs….. The Apti section basically constituted of Arithmetic reasoning Qs and lots of Qs on analytical reasoning…that is guessing the figure which shud fall next in series! It had an Easy Qs on Family tree and Qs on finding out the most logically correct sequence of sentences out of 4-5 given sentences….. M clearly able to recall the 1st Q….here goes…. theres a cube with dimension 15cm(each side, obviously) with opp sides painted with same colors….two sides are painted with red,two opp sides are painted with blue and the rest of the two painted with yellow!
the cube is cut into cubes with dimension 3 cm…..
1. How many cubes hav single side painted?
2. how many hav 2 side painted?
3. how many hav 3 sides painted?
4. how many hav 3 sides painted with diff colors?
5. how many hav no side painted?

Thats it!!! M a little out of confidence aftr this test as i was sure i had done well!

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