Infosys Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

This is Goutham from SMIT Chennai. I attended Infosys offcampus on 7th October 2007
I just share the new pattern of Infosys

Aptitude is very very easyInfosys Placement Paper.. no need of any preparation at all

Verbal section is the one that decides
concentrate in Grammer and dont spend too much time in 1 question
u can never finish Verbal section even if u dont even look the Read Comprehension
verbal is not actually tough, its made to be tough due to less time

Apptitude – 30questions (40min)
Verbal – 40questions (30min)



1) Data Sufficiency (5 problems):
You have to decide if the information given in the statements is sufficient for answering the problem. Indicate your answer as:
a)I alone is sufficient to answer the question.
b)II alone is sufficient to answer the question.
c)either I or II are sufficient to answer the question.
d)both are not sufficient to answer the question.
e)both are needed to answer the question.

2) Pictorial Reasoning (5 problems):
in this 4 figures will be given and will be asked to find the next figure following the sequence

3) Data Interpretation (5 problems):
a graph, pie chart, table of information will be given from that some questions will be asked

4) Conclusion Interpretation (5 problems):
Example:All peacocks are birds, No dog is bird ….. so …..

5) Logical reasoning (2 puzzle * 5 problems):
very simple logical puzzles same pattern type below
these r the 2 questions i got i dont think it is exactly correct
a)P,Q,R,S,T,U,V & W are 8 doctors are visiting a charitable hospital 1hr each day (from 9am-1pm & from 2pm-6pm, 1pm-2pm is a lunch break

except holiday i.e. Monday. Saturday they will visit only half an hour.No one will visit the hospital before Q and after U. W will visit immediately after the lunch and is followed by R. Position of S will be same as P in after noon session.

b)one father had 4 sons & 20 gold coins. when he died he splited among his sons such that his elder son got the highest & younger son got the lowest, the other two sons got the same amount of gold, and one more condition i dont remember


1) Reading Comprehension (2 passage * 4 questions)
no need to look these questions itself u will never have time even if u dont attend this
both r 1 full page paragraphs so if u read both paragraphs once itself 30 min will get over
one paragraph some kingdom in history ,, i made a blind mark.
second paragraph was about “IT industry impact on indian economy” ,, i just read questions & answered,, if u have some commonsense u can answer this easily without reading the paragraph.

2) Sentence Completion (8 questions)
a sentence beginning will be given u need to choose the correct ending sentence from 4options depending upon tense, singular, plural, articles…

3) Sentence correction (8 questions)
same as above but u need to correct the full sentence choosing from 4 options

4) Passage conclusion (8 questions)
a small passage will be given u will be asked to choose best title or conclusion for the passage

5) Fill the blank (8 questions)
same grammer questions,, here instead of sentence u need to choose the correct word

Infosys Placement Paper

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