Infosys Placement Paper

Company: Infosys Technologies Ltd

I am Salman Ali..doin my 7th sem in B.Tech, I.T at Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, Kerala. InfoSys had com to our college last Friday, 27.07.07…am so happy that with the Almighty’s grace I was able to turn that day into another Good Friday..

As u must hav read de other experiences..Infy exam is very simple. All u require is som gud concentratn, time management and ofcourse good preparation.. For preparation I mainly read the experiences many others hav posted which helped me tremendously..

Then as per their advices I went for Verbal n Nonverbal by R.S Agarwal.. Also for a few sections I used I.M.S CAT notes which also helped me heavily..O.k,lets start..

Written test contains 2 parts..

The logical part consists of 6 type of Questions each having 5 q’s..The types are
1.Data interpretation
2.Data Sufficiency
4.Pictorial Q’s
The other two might b anything from Puzzles, Blood relation Q’s, Cubes n Dices.

As for Data interpretation, it takes gud amt of time, so it wud be best done at last. Topics like Data Sufficiency n Syllogisms I covered from I.M.S notes.. Syllogisms do not come as they r seen in agarwal..they give a pack of 6 sentences from which u hav to select the appropriate 2 statements n a conclusion. answer contains 4 options lik abd, cef, eba..etc etc.. its very very simple. all u hav to do is go from the answers using trial and error method…
data suff. Q’s com from any part of aptitude. so u hav to b fast in applying your brains to c if the statements r suff or not. its not necessary 2 find the answer..tak care of time..

Pictorial Q’s may b to find the odd one or to find the missing figure. Both are very well given in agarwal (verbal n nonverbal).
For us the first ques was tat card game called Flash..its simple but takes time.i had already done one of them from my I.M.S material (Logical Reasoning). Luckily for me, the same q came. he he he..the answers were (1)74 (2) 26 (3) 18 (4)16 (5){9,9,10}…

The final type was related to in..5 friends stayin in different societies and each of them having a different bank account..and the q’s wer lik who has a acc wher,who lives in society X….etc simple…

All u hav to do is tak care of ur time..40 mins for 30 q’s..b in touch wth ur watch..

Now for the English part which is 35 mins for 40 q’s..pls dnt go for the passages.. keep them for the end.. the other q’s are correcting sentence, fill in, concluding a para etc etc..if u r weak in English try out the verbal(agarwal)..I.M.S notes also help..otherwis it shouldn’t b a problem..its simple..but time again..tak good good care of ur time…Try answering all..dont think thers negative mak it a blast..

Then the H.R..I was de first one to was simple..jus casual talk..actually my H.R was so cool tat I forgot it was an intervw..very relaxed..jus had a natural conversation…

And all praise to the Almighty I was one among the 25 selected..47 from 329 had passed the written…really njoyd cz I had not even told my parents abt the exam tat day.. so it was a total surprise dhamaka….yeaaaaahhh!!!!!
nothin technical was askd..prepare for the exam well..not by reading the whole of agarwaal, but by going thru the required topics..

Infosys Placement Paper

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